Premiere Pro offers creating a rectangle, ellipse and polygon. Polygon tool is set by default to 3 sides a.k.a. triangle. […]
Are you wondering where are your projects files from Premiere Rush? How can you share them with your colleagues?  What […]
Exporting in Premiere Pro can be tricky as there are many presets to choose from. What is the most important […]
Speech to text is a groundbreaking feature in Premiere Pro allowing us to create a transcriptions of our videos in […]
Do you have your final cut but you want to preview the footage full screen before you export? How to […]
What we need is Adobe Audition or Premiere Pro. They both have Pitch shifter effect. I have recorded my audio […]
Adobe finally introduced a vertical workspace and vertical workflow in Premiere Pro. When editing Instagram reels or Tiktoks, it was […]
Premiere Pro has 80+ shortcuts you can use by default, however if you want to create your own shortcut for […]
Markers are a great way to highlight important points in your Premiere Pro project. You can create markers on the […]
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