Welcome to my Premiere Rush online course! If you’re looking to get into the world of video editing, you’ve landed at the right place. This course is a comprehensive tutorial that covers everything you need to know about Adobe Premiere Rush. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, this course is designed to make you a Premiere Rush pro.

What’s Included?

Pre-Recorded Videos: No need to align your schedule; learn at your own pace with my pre-recorded video tutorials.

30-Day Email Support: Got questions after you’ve completed the course? No worries. I offer 30 days of email support post-purchase to help you navigate any challenges.

Course Highlights of Premiere Rush Online Course

Full Video and Audio Editing: Learn how to cut, trim, and edit both video and audio to perfection.

– Working with Templates: Get a head start with customizable templates that make your editing process smoother.

– Voice Recording: Add a personal touch to your videos with high-quality voice recordings.

– Logos and Images: Learn how to incorporate logos and images seamlessly into your projects.

– Effects and Transitions: Add flair to your videos with a variety of effects and transitions.

– Color Correction: Master the art of color grading to give your videos a professional look.

– Exporting for Social Media: I’ll show you how to export your videos in different aspect ratios, perfect for any social media platform.

– Bonus videos:  how to save your project, differences between Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush


Why Learn from Me?

I bring over 12 years of experience in the video and marketing industry, with a degree in Marketing and Communications. I’ve taught over 800 individuals across various sectors and have more than 5,000 students on Udemy. Rest assured, you’re learning from an expert.

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