I’m excited to provide you with valuable links, resources and recommendations designed to assist you in your content creation journey. Additionally, I’ve secured exclusive discount codes to give you added savings on essential tools and services.


Audiio offers hundreds of high-quality but affordable songs and sound effects to use in your podcasts and videos. Get 70% off for your subscription.

Podsqueeze is an AI platform that creates show notes, newsletters, transcriptions, time stamps and much more from your podcast episodes. Get 10% off using code NICOLE

RiversideFM offers top-notch podcast recording capabilities with resolutions up to 4K. Operating seamlessly through Google Chrome, its user-friendly interface makes the recording process a breeze. Plus, it features a convenient tool for swiftly creating social media clips to enhance your online presence. Use the code NICOLE15 to get 15% off your subscription



SSD drive

HDD drive

Tripod for vertical videos

35mm lens for Youtube videos

Sony Alpha A7 III


Build your side hustle with Amazon

Filmmaker’s handbook

Creative calling

10X rule


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