Ever thought about editing a podcast with multiple cameras and audio tracks in just a few seconds? Sounds like a dream, right? My video “How To Edit Your Podcast Super Quick with Autopod? This AI Plugin is Mind-Blowing!” shows you exactly how to do that. If you’re a Premiere Pro user, this plugin is going to be a game-changer for you.

What is Autopod?

Autopod is an AI-powered plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that automates the editing process for multi-camera podcasts. The plugin can recognize individual voices and automatically cut to the camera where the voice is coming from. It’s priced at $29 per month, but there’s a free trial to get you started.

Setting Up Autopod

1. Install the Plugin: Download and install Autopod from their website.
2. Open Premiere Pro: Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and go to Window > Extensions.
3. Access Autopod: You’ll find the multi-camera editor option here. Click on it.
4. Log In and Configure: Log in to your Autopod account and input the number of cameras and speakers you have.


How it Works

– Autopod will recognize each speaker’s voice and automatically cut to the corresponding camera.
– The plugin works best when the number of cameras matches the number of speakers. Otherwise, it might get a bit confused.
– The editing process is incredibly fast, taking just a couple of seconds to complete.


Additional Features

– Social Media Editing: Autopod also offers a feature to edit videos in different aspect ratios suitable for social media platforms. However, I found this feature to be a bit hit-or-miss.


– The plugin may not always perfectly match the camera cuts with the speakers, especially if the number of cameras and speakers is not equal.
– The social media editing feature may not work as expected all the time.


Autopod is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to simplify their podcast editing process. While it’s not perfect, the time you’ll save makes it worth a try. Find out about more AI tools by browsing my blog section.


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