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Adobe finally introduced a vertical workspace and vertical workflow in Premiere Pro. When editing Instagram reels or Tiktoks, it was not ideal to see the vertical sequence 9:16 in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. This all changed with the June 2022 update introducing Vertical workspace which allows you to edit and see the video vertically in […]
Premiere Pro has 80+ shortcuts you can use by default, however if you want to create your own shortcut for your favourite tool or function, you can very easily do it. When Premiere detects non-supported keyboard, the default option is displayed – U.S. English keyboard. If you change any shortcut, your mode is set to […]
Markers are a great way to highlight important points in your Premiere Pro project. You can create markers on the actual clip – if it’s selected in the timeline – or you can create markers on the sequence. Deleting markers from the clip is easy. You double click on the clip which makes it open […]
A great display for digital designers and video editors. Not so much for gamers with a refresh rate of 75hz which is not as good as standard gaming displays with refresh rate of 144hz. However, it’s more affordable and it can adapt to compensate for not so fast refresh rate with adaptive sync. On the […]
I received subtitles .SRT file from the translator and when I imported in Premiere Pro, they didn’t import in full. I knew .SRT files works like a code but what confused me the most was the fact that when I imported into Final Cut Pro, my subtitles showed me more lines but still incomplete. How […]
In this blog I’m going to present you the best filmmaking classes on Masterclass! And I will also give you a free pass for a week to see them!  Masterclass is a great resource for filmmakers and personally I bought my membership after James Cameron jumped on board with his Masterclass. Number 5  Jodie Foster Masterclass […]
Yesterday, I have spoken to a music video director Danny Drysdale, known especially for working with The Killers (Directed and edited Human, The world we live in, Rut) and Echosmith (Directed and edited all videos for Lonely Generation album) as he agreed to be on my podcast Girl with a camera. The episode will be published […]
In this episode of my podcast Girl With A Camera, I’m talking to a writer and director from LA Justin Best about his short film called Face On. It’s creepy and I love it! We are discussing the fact that people are fascinated by creepy, odd, weird and extreme characters on screen, why is that?
For my 10th episode of my podcast I spoke to a London-Based film director Abbie Lucas. For close to a decade she has forged a wide and varied career path, in both creative and technical roles. In 2018, Levile TV listed her as one of the Top 20 Rising Female Filmmakers in the UK. She […]
I’m going to break down a music video by Echosmith called Stuck, directed by Danny Drysdale. Keep reading to learn more on how to actually film music video, how to do the pre-production, create a storyboard and film. By the way, if you don’t know Echosmith, you know them. Trust me. You know the song Cool Kids? Yes, that’s them. They have an amazing […]
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