improve your brand’s social media visibility with video content

Being a videographer, marketing consultant,  video content creator and video producer having 12 years of experience in the media industry, I can tell you that the only way to grow and expand your business in 2023 is to take advantage of FREE platforms where millions of people are looking for content to consume daily – social media

I’ve generated millions of views across my channels without any paid ads. It helped me understand audience behaviour which led to conversion and monetisation. 

94% of Marketers Say Videos Help Increase Sales

Videos you never create will never convert.

You’re not too late to join the social media race and win it. All you need is the right knowledge and the right person to deliver it.
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become an influencer

Do you want to find your audience organically with videos?

User-generated content is winning over the ads that companies spend lots of money on. The trend of influencers being paid to advertise is going to grow in 2024 because it’s highly effective. You either become an influencer brand or prepare your ad budget to grow big time.


How Can I Help you Grow your Social networks?

The best video marketing strategy is to generate content for every single platform and social media. I have built an audience everywhere, monetised my channels and generated revenue organically, supported by paid ads and good and effective SEO

Youtube channel

Generating monthly revenue from my tutorial videos. Publishing daily shorts and weekly longer videos.

Online courses & blogs

I create online courses on Udemy and write blogs on which are also monetised.

Social media

I’m creating videos daily for my Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to reach a new audience.


Weekly episodes to boost my presence in the podcasting world.



Are you Struggling to Create Video Content for Your Social Media?

Do you Feel Overwhelmed with All the New Trends and Technology? No Worries, You’re Not the Only One.

As a successful businessperson, you’ve got a lot on your plate so the last thing to worry about is figuring out the social media world. The best and quickest way of learning video marketing fast is to call an expert who will tell you all the secrets and tips. 

How can you make interesting videos quick?

Understanding filming principles and techniques might sound overwhelming at first but in fact, all the features you need are already integrated with apps like Instagram and TikTok. Learning how to use those tools efficiently and creatively is something I can help you with.

Do you need a marketing strategy and ideas?

I can mentor you and hold you accountable for creating content. Boosting your social media presence can be very time-consuming if you don’t know where and how to start. This leads to losing motivation and sight of your goals.

Are you ready to grow your business with videos?

Become an influencer in your field; improve online brand awareness and reach potential customers. If businesses don’t grow, they shrink. Let’s grow together.

Need a London-based Videographer?

If you’re not sure where to start to create a strong video marketing strategy, contact me to schedule a call and I’ll present a suitable option for your business and budget.

What video services can I offer you?

I will film amazing videos for you, not only visually strong but also having an impact with storytelling techniques. I believe in telling stories instead of reading off the script created by a marketing team. Honesty and authenticity is the key to success in 2024.


Video production for socials

Building a strong brand on social media is the most effective and the least expensive way to grow your business. Let me help you do it the right way.


Starting a Podcast

Do you want to create a podcast but you don’t know where to start? I will help you understand podcasting from A to Z.


influencer marketing

Do you have a product or service you want me to review? I’ll film a video tutorial on how to use it or how it works.

Client Testimonials

Nicole is an excellent videographer. Her quality of work is first-rate and she has great attention to detail. She is creative and knows what is needed to improve the brand. I am very grateful for Nicole’s continued support.

Matt Gingell

#1 London Employment Lawyer

Nicole has the ability to put you at ease. She has a great personality and is so likeable. She is professional and knows her stuff. Thanks to her, she has helped me to be more visible with my audience. I highly recommend her! if you want the best, she’s the best.

Coral Pitter

I had the pleasure to work with Nicole for my photography project. The way she captured everything was perfect and the way she put it all together was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much.

Emily Miller


Streaming everywhere

Listen to my podcast:
Girl with a Camera 

As a digital content creator, I walk the talk. I have my own podcast where I experiment which helps me recommend the best solutions and ideas to my clients. Podcasting is a great way for branding to your existing and new audiences. Search engines also love it.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you need to be in the UK to do business with me?

I provide consulting and training face-to-face but also online. A lot of my clients are based in the US, Australia and I meet them via Zoom. 

Can I help you grow your socials?

Yes, I can help you grow your socials and build your brand with video content.

You’re not very good in front of a camera, what can you do?

Nobody is good in front of the camera in the beginning. It is like learning how to ride a bike. It takes practice. All you need is to start.

Can I mentor you to keep your motivation going?

Mentoring is a new way of holding ourselves accountable. I know content marketing is going to grow your business and I am happy to remind you that very often.

Can I help you start or grow my podcast?

Absolutely. podcasting is a very different game than anything else online and I’ll tell you all the secrets.

Do you need to invest in equipment to be successful on socials?

This will depend on your target audience but the bottom line is all you need is your phone and creativity.

How much do I charge for my services?

Every client has different needs and budget for their media strategy. Once I evaluate your brand and goals, I can give you the exact number.