Freelance Videographer in London

Helping you grow your business with videos

Nicole VenglovicovaAre you looking to hire a freelance videographer in London who can help you grow your business online by telling a compelling story about your products and services? Then that’s something I can help you with.

I’m a video producer based in London and I create amazing promotional business videos and edit them to get the right attention on the web. You can read my full story of becoming a videographer.

How a freelance videographer can help your business?

Grow your business and online network with amazing videos for your social media channels. Get in touch with me and let’s build your brand prominence. I will also consult your video strategy and define best ways to make your business/brand more visible and appealing to online audience.

Do you need a videographer and media expert?

Right after I finished studying Multimedia design and Video production in Denmark, I got a job as a videographer and video editor and I had a pleasure to work with big brands such as P&G, Philip Morris, McDonald’s, Panasonic, Lidl, United Nations.

Currently I’m freelancing in London and my client list includes luxury furniture showcase store FCI London, Angel Smile Dental practice, Ovadia Jewellery, Evolve Gym, Matt Gingell Employment lawyer, Expert Payroll Services, SCCD and many more.

I film across all central and Greater London, helping businesses to create engaging and captivating videos for their website and social media. I specialize in filming social media vlogs, testimonials, interviews, promotional videos. If you’re not based in London, get in touch with me anyway – I work remotely, I can work from anywhere across United Kingdom.

I can work with people and train them so they don’t feel uncomfortable and shy while standing in front of a camera. I also do half a day training and I have my online course on Udemy as well How to talk to the camera like a pro.

Nicole Venglovicova

Nicole working in London remotely.

Video production for social media and marketing expertise

My mission is not only create videos that help your business, but I offer you expertise throughout digital marketing. I want to understand your business and brand as much as I can and work with you long term in order to achieve the best results. I won’t be your videographer who will do whatever you say. I will become your partner, because I believe that your success will be mine as well. So I make sure your videos will have amazing results.

Do you need help with SEO and launching your YouTube channel?

I can also help you with your SEO and a strategy for social media. I create content for my channels every single day in every possible way. You can see my Instagram or YouTube channel to understand my brand. I believe that you need to work a videographer that understand their brands first, otherwise they can’t help you. Branding is a great deal for me not only when it comes to videos, but being consistent throught all media.

I can help you launch your YouTube channel, create a structure of content and videos you need to publish. I will create all multimedia assets needed to promote the channel and launch it.

One amazing video will not have the same impact as constant and repeated video posts and efforts on your social media. Get in touch with me and let’s start this exciting journey.

What clients say about me?

‘Nicole has produced a number of employment law videos for me and I’m very pleased with the content. She knows exactly what my brand is what I need to portray on these videos and she uses creativity and her own style to make these videos incredibly popular, easy to follow and content rich. She always understands what is needed in terms of sound, visuals and general production. If I have specific questions or queries, Nicole’s very happy to provide answers and she’s very patient, understanding and quality is always of the highest caliber.’
Matt Gingell, Employment Law specialist

‘I  have worked with Nicole and she has the best work ethic and passion for videography. She knows how to make it easy for you to be in front of the camera and tell the story. She has done so many videos for me for my Instagram and for ClickDo and our web hosting services company SeekaHost. I’m glad I met her in 2018 in London, but have one regret I didn’t meet her earlier for our ClickDo promotional business video creation work. Nicole is the best videographer and business video creation expert you must work with. She will help you shine online and build your brand reputation!’
Fernando Raymond, CEO ClickDo Ltd.,

‘Nicole has been fantastic and very easy and pleasant to work with. she got along well with the staff, and clients with her bubbly personality and was able to deliver good quality work. I would definitely recommend as I will be looking to utilize her expertise long term.’
Khaliyl Guevera, Director & Head of operations SCCD Training

‘Working with Nicole is a fantastic experience! She handles the cameras and equipment professionally and has a good eye for capturing what matters. She’s reliable and efficient and her editing skills are impressive and intuitive. She understands what clients are looking for, which shows in all of her brilliant productions.’
Manuela Willbold, PR & Content Strategist/Education Blogger for ClickDo Ltd.