How to create high quality video content for social media on a daily basis?

I will teach you how to create a high quality short video reel or story in minutes  without any editing. All the features you need are already integrated in apps like Instagram and TikTok, you just need to learn how to use it to its full potential. I train companies how to film and edit all kinds of video content so they can bring their video production in-house to create social media content daily. I can teach you how to edit your videos in Premiere Pro  or Premiere Rush if you want to step it up a notch. I have been in the video industry for 12 years and I have worked with businesses in different industries – retail, corporate, banks, creative, health, hospitality. I have been employed by a  video production agency for 5 years so I understand the infrastructure of big companies and their needs and culture (that is why I receive full-time offers quite often).


Why do you need consistent social media video content?

I work with businesses and brands who aim for excellence. My clients are global leaders in their field and I help them stay on top. My specialty is telling stories of businesses and their customers to  boost their online presence with videos . That includes filming and editing testimonials, online webinars, online courses and managing their Youtube channel.

You can hire me for one-off project too but I’m a believer that one amazing video will not change your business and bring you constistant numbers of customers. I believe in quality and quantity. I have a long-term relationship with my clients work as I guide them through the social media world and latest video trends which help them stay relevant and grow their brand.

The only way to build and expand your business is to take advantage of FREE platforms where millions of people are looking for content to consume – in other words social media.  Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn are full of videos and you need to jump on this train before it leaves. And the road to success is to create video content on a daily basis. How can you do it? Is it too much work? You don’t know how to film and edit videos?

I’ve created 3 courses on Udemy to help you grow your brand online. Join more than 4 500 people who bought my courses and don’t forget to leave me a review!

become a video producer

I’ve written an ultimate guide book on how to become a professional videographer. I’ve shred my tips, mistakes and everything you need to know about this industry.

learn to talk to the camera

You can book a session with me if you want to become more confident in front of a camera. I will give you all the professional advice and tips on how to nail it.