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Lighting Techniques Every Film-Maker Should KNOW!

Good lighting can make even a bad camera look good. Learn how professional film-makers use light to tell a story. I’m going to talk about the main lighting techniques used in film. If you want to learn more about lighting and film-making techniques, I definitely recommend the Film-maker’s handbook by Steve Ascher. It is like a …


How To REMOVE HISS NOISE While Recording With DSLR

Do you wonder why you’re hearing hiss sound when recording even though you have really expensive microphone? It all comes down to DSLR and it’s pre-amplifier ability. Which in other words sucks.  Is there a solution? Yes, absolutely but not with all the microphones. The solution might also be to record your microphone into external …


How To Create Subtitles For Your Videos

Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 has a new version for creating subtitles. It’s a game changer but there’s more to come, also automatic transcription! In this video I explain EVERYTHING there is on Subtitles a.k.a. Captions. I’m a freelance video producer and Media trainer and I’m going to show you the best and quickest way to …


5 Books You NEED To Read in 2021

Since the pandemic and lockdowns, I have been reading a lot of books about business, marketing, self-development and biographies. I have put together a list of top 5 books for you to read to get you a great start in 2021. These books pumped me, hyped me, motivated me but most importantly educated me especially …


How To Increase Traffic To Your Website | 3 Tips

How do I increase traffic to my website? That is the question everybody asks if they already have a website. I’m going to tell you some tips to increase your traffic and ultimately get more inquiries and clients. Great website but no traffic? You have a website and it looks great and it’s ready for …


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