Pick a topic, theme, type and category for your podcast.

Identify your target audience.

Find guests and build a consistent content.

Buy equipment, record and edit.

Distribute your podcast on all streaming platforms.

Create a marketing strategy on social media to promote.

Where to start with your podcast?

I will guide you through every single step of podcast production.


The key elements to success in podcasting

Podcasting is all about great content, personality and quantity. And the value you bring to your listeners.

Know your audience

Who will be your most engaged listeners? What age group are you targeting? You need to know who you’re talking to and what content they are interested in.

Share your views and opinions

Bring new perspectives to old topics. Don’t be afraid to tell your opinion and let your personality shine.

Quantity is the decisive factor

You can create amazing content but if you don’t produce enough of it, people will find it somewhere else!

Lessons from my podcast Girl with a Camera

I started my podcast during the pandemic in 2020. I published over 100 episodes and my podcast was in the top 5% shared worldwide.

What is my Target audience?

My podcast enabled me to reach a completely new audience which I haven’t been able to reach on any other platform.

Where they listen?

Country and platform are very important in relation to the promotion of the podcast. I promote a link leading directly to Spotify because I know my biggest audience is there.

How often to publish?

The biggest growth of my podcast happened after I started producing weekly episodes. Not everyone can do it weekly and that gives me a nice advantage over my competitors.

did you know?

1.5 billion people live with hearing loss

According to WHO, 20% of population has difficulties hearing.

Many companies approach me with the question of how to make their podcasts successful. The first thing to focus on is how to make it accessible.

Accessibility is crucial to make your podcast inclusive. Your production plan needs to include steps to make sure anyone can consume your episodes.

There are many ways to execute this strategy. You can publish your podcast as a blog on your website or generate captions on Youtube.

This is the main reason why the most successful creators, like for example, Steven Bartlett and his podcast, The Diary of the CEO, has video version as well. And it’s fully accessible on Youtube where you can turn the captions on.

So the question is, do you want to dismiss 20% of the population just because it’s hard or more expensive to create an accessible podcast?


While you wait, someone else is creating their podcast.

If you want to try podcasting first, you can be a guest on my podcast and see the whole process from pre-production to creation and delivery.

I understand that businesses have different needs and schedules. That’s why this training can be delivered  right in your offices (within England) for teams of up to 4 people  at no additional cost. Yes, you heard me right—no extra charges! The training takes 4 hours including coffee breaks. The date will be scheduled based on further communication after the course fee is paid.

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