Are you wondering where are your projects files from Premiere Rush? How can you share them with your colleagues? 

What is Premiere Rush?

Premiere Rush is a simplified version of Premiere Pro made to be super friendly for creating content for socials. That’s why it has some features that Premiere Pro doesn’t. For example, changing orientation and aspect ratio of your video with just one click. 


On the other hand it doesn’t have a lot of panels and functions that Premiere Pro does have. And project files are one of those things. Did you notice you can’t even save the Premiere Rush project? It’s because there nothing to save. It’s just a database and assets.

Where are Premiere Rush projects saved and how to share them?

Everything you do is locally stored on your computer and also on Adobe Creative Cloud if you enable the option sync with Creative Cloud. Your assets you import or create in Premiere Rush such as VoiceOver, will be stored in your documents under Adobe > Premiere Rush. But mainly Creative Cloud. 


How to share then? If your colleague has access to your company Creative Cloud, then when you sync it, they will be able to access the project with all the assets. 

Remember, Adobe recommends editing maximum of 20 minute-long videos for best workflow because this software is made for socials! Not for big productions. 

How to save Premiere Rush projects?

If the project is really important however, you can open Premiere Rush project in Premiere Pro and save it from there. However, you cannot open Premiere Pro project in Premiere Rush as it’s lacking a lot of features.


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