Are you wondering where are your projects files from Premiere Rush? There is no actual project file like you have for example with Premiere Pro. Premiere Rush project is basically a database locating files on your computer and within the application. That is why there is also no save button.

Is Premiere Rush different from Premiere Pro?

As a content creator, managing your project files effectively is as vital as capturing the perfect shot or finding the right background score. In this domain, Adobe has presented two compelling options – Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro. Despite being siblings under the Adobe umbrella, they cater to different needs and, consequently, handle file storage differently. In this post, I’ll gi into the specifics of storing Premiere Rush files, how you can locate your Rush projects and database, and how Rush’s approach stands out from Premiere Pro.

Understanding Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush, launched in 2018, is marketed as a more accessible version of Premiere Pro. Designed for social media creators and video editing novices, Rush simplifies the editing process while still delivering professional-grade results. Its biggest advantage lies in its cross-platform capability, which allows you to start a project on your mobile device and finish it on your desktop.

Storing Rush Files

Unlike Premiere Pro, which stores files locally, Premiere Rush utilizes cloud-based storage. This means that when you create or edit a project, the project file and associated media files are automatically saved to the cloud. This allows you to access, edit, and share your projects from any device connected to your Adobe account, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go editing.

To manually locate your Rush projects, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Premiere Rush.
  2. Select the project you wish to locate.
  3. Click on ‘File’ > ‘Reveal Project in Explorer’ (on Windows) or ‘Reveal Project in Finder’ (on macOS).

The program will navigate to the location of your project files on your local drive. Do remember, though, that this is a mirror of your cloud-stored project files.

Locating the Premiere Rush Database:

The Premiere Rush database is where the program stores all essential project information, such as edits, transitions, and colour-grading settings. To locate it, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Premiere Rush.
  2. Click ‘Edit’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Sync & Cloud Storage’.

You will see information about the total and available cloud storage. However, the actual database file is stored locally on your computer. Its default location varies between operating systems:

  • On Windows: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common
  • On macOS: Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common

Comparing Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro File Storage

While both are Adobe products, Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro handle project file storage differently due to their target user bases.

Premiere Pro, designed for professional video editors, primarily stores files locally. This provides the advantage of full control over file management, allowing for organized, custom folders and project partitioning. However, it also means that if the local storage isn’t backed up and something goes wrong, you could potentially lose all your project data.

Premiere Rush, on the other hand, is cloud-centric. It caters to a generation of creators who require the flexibility of working across multiple devices and platforms without worrying about losing files. Rush automatically synchronizes your files across your Adobe-connected devices, ensuring your projects are always available, no matter where you are.

Adobe Cloud Sync update 2024

From 1 February as Adobe is cancelling Cloud storage. The only place where you will have Rush projects will be your computer.

How to speed up the software performance?

Using external SSD drives has significantly proven to speed up the performance of Adobe editing software. I personally use Samsung T7 which is a pocket size powerful SSD.

Premiere Rush Online Course

While the storage methods of Rush and Pro differ, both are designed to provide an efficient editing workflow. Rush’s approach to file storage—geared towards simplicity and convenience—suits the requirements of its target user base. Whether you’re on the move or working from multiple devices, you can rely on Premiere Rush to keep your projects safe and accessible at all times.

Remember, the key to choosing between Premiere Pro and Rush lies in understanding your own video editing needs.

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