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Freelance Videographer in London

How to get clients as a freelance videographer?

How to get clients as a freelance videographer? Do you struggle with getting new clients or any clients in your freelancing career? Maybe you’re starting out and you don’t have many contacts and opportunities. I’m going to tell you in this article some tips and tricks to get you started with your videography career. I…
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How to get more connections on LinkedIn?

I recently discovered a very obvious but at the same time very hidden LinkedIn feature which basically prevents you from gaining new connections. Continue reading this article for more information. Everything is about privacy these days but having a LinkedIn profile is not like being on Facebook. LinkedIn is a professional network especially made for…
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How to build your brand online

I decided to create an ultimate guide on how to build your brand online for creatives. This article will provide you with the best tips and rules to follow in order to crush it online. I wish someone wrote this kind of article when I was 20 years old! Here’s a part 2 that gives…
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3 biggest myths about Twitter

1. You will gain hundreds of followers in few days When you start your Twitter page, you might think that people will just follow you. Well, the truth is – they will not. People don’t know you’re on Twitter. You are one of thousands of new profiles created daily. You might get some follows, but…
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