Do you wonder why you’re hearing hiss sound when recording even though you have really expensive microphone? It all comes down to DSLR and it’s pre-amplifier ability. Which in other words sucks. 

Is there a solution? Yes, absolutely but not with all the microphones. The solution might also be to record your microphone into external recorder which has very sophisticated pre-amplifier so no issues there!

How To Get Rid Of Hiss Noise

Recording with DSLR is very common these days but the built in microphone is so horrible. You do need an external microphone if you want to achieve highest possible quality of recording. There is no way around it. 

You can go higher on the price but if you’re tight on the budget I would recommend you Rode NTG microphones.

The biggest mistake while recording is to boost gain in your camera. But this is exactly what creates that hiss noise. So what we have to do is to reverse it. Lower the gain on the camera as much as you can and then boost gain on the microphone. This way you’re basically not using DSLR’s pre-amplifier at all!

And all of a sudden the hiss noise is gone. 

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