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I have been following Some Good News Project since the very beginning and I have written this article which predicted and explained why John Krasinski started Some Good News in the first place: https://www.nicoleven.com/some-good-news-or-crush-it-with-a-youtube-show-filmed-with-an-iphone/ John Krasinski made a brilliant entrepreneurial move by selling his project to a big TV network. Though, viewers are not pleased […]
I have decided to write my second e-book about my freelancing journey. I’d like to help freelancers who start out to avoid some mistakes which cost them money, time, nerves and sanity. I have written down my biggest freelancing mistakes, the reasons I made them and how to take a lesson from them. I am […]
In terms of planning and business strategy, I think we’ve learnt a big lesson during the Coronavirus outbreak in the world. So what are the lessons from it? Should we plan or should we just accept that things can change anytime.
In this episode of my podcast I talk about staying authentic while promoting your brand online. Creating a persona may help you with getting some attention but for a long-term you need to stay true to yourself and your audience. Only this way you can gain trust and grow your business.
John Krasinski is crushing it right now with a brilliant idea of creating a YouTube show Some Good News and spreading some good vibes around! He didn’t wait for nothing, fed up with bad news everywhere he looked, John decided to create Some Good News. If you never heard of it, you will soon see […]
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