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Freelance Videographer in London

Why Every Business Needs a YouTube Channel?

YouTube Statistics say that there’s 400 hours of video uploaded every minute and there are 2 billion unique viewers monthly. So are you asking why you need to have a YouTube channel? Because you’re missing out on 2 billion people monthly watching your videos. YouTube is here since 2005 and it grows every year. I…
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How to have a successful business? (Podcast)

I did a podcast with an entrepreneur and CEO of digital marketing agency ClickDo and web hosting company SeekaHost on the topic of how to have and run a successful business. Fernando Raymond runs multiple businesses across UK and I have some questions to be asked and asnwered! Is there a secret to having a…
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Creatives need to learn how to be more business savvy

I’ve encountered many creatives who struggled with business side of things. And believe or not, I was also one of them. I didn’t want to become a freelancer because I thought I can’t deal with all the business things around it. So what changed my mind? Fear of starting a business First of all, I…
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