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YouTube Statistics say that there’s 400 hours of video uploaded every hour and there are 2 billion unique viewers monthly. So are you asking why you need to start a YouTube channel? Because you’re missing out on 2 billion people monthly watching your videos. YouTube is here since 2005 and it grows every year. So […]
Nicole Venglovicova
When we say Apple, we think of Steve Jobs. When we say Mark Zuckerberg, we think of Facebook. When we say Messi, we think of Barcelona. This guide will help you overcome your fears and understand importance of being the leader of your brand. The key to a good leadership It’s so important not to hide […]
If you cut the BS and really show yourself to your clients and potential clients on camera, your brand will be catapulted. People will never trust you if you’re a different person off camera than you’re on camera. Show your true personality and win.
I had a great chat with Online Marketing Strategist & Coach Armando Femiano from Milan, Italy about how to grow your business during the lockdown. Armando is working mostly online and not much has changed for him since COVID-19 but what tips he’s got for you? You can follow Armando on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ironarmi/ and also […]
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