“SEO Consultants: Facing a Paradigm Shift?” Such a statement might send shockwaves throughout the industry, but how far is it from reality? Not long ago, I shared a TikTok about an innovative ChatGPT plug-in that scrutinizes your website and provides meticulous suggestions to enhance your SEO. It guides you through each step and monitors your advancement. The video quickly racked up 200k views in 72 hours, gaining thousands of shares. With this kind of technology, why spend £500 monthly on SEO consulting when it’s available at £20 a month?

This leads us to a thought-provoking question:

What’s the future of SEO consultants?

I’ve personally found this new tool, known as “SEO Core AI”, astonishingly effective. With minor tweaks over a few weeks, my website now ranks on page 1 for ‘freelance video expert London,’ attracting 20 organic clicks daily. While it may not seem substantial, it’s a significant leap from the zero organic reach and clicks I had before, especially since my only investment was in ChatGPT.

However, we must ponder what will happen when such tools become commonplace. While that day might still be a ways off, seizing this opportunity now could place you strides ahead.

I recently shared a video on TikTok, where I elucidated the workings of a certain SEO plug-in. The responses I received were a fascinating study in contrast. The first group comprised individuals seeking assistance with their own SEO, either in an attempt to conserve resources or due to an inability to afford professional SEO consultation. The second group consisted of SEO consultants who voiced their discontent, passionately arguing against the effectiveness of ChatGPT, deeming it as substandard.

I empathize with their perspective, acknowledging that this advanced tool could potentially render their services obsolete in the near future. However, my judgment is primarily influenced by its impact on my own work. Observing how this tool has been instrumental in boosting my Google rankings and enhancing my website optimization gives me confidence in its value and effectiveness.

What blogs will help you rank your website higher on Google?

One of the standout features of SEO Core AI is its ability to generate article titles and topics to bolster my keywords. This was based on a quick keyword research done by the plug-in within 5 seconds. It also devised long-tail keywords, instructing exactly where to place them on my website for maximum efficacy.

Though the power of this plug-in is significant, it’s crucial to carefully construct your query. A rudimentary understanding of SEO can be beneficial to comprehend the advice given by ChatGPT, enhancing the tool’s effectiveness. You can, of course, ask ChatGPT to clarify any points, but a basic understanding would provide an edge.

If you have no idea how to do it, I will do a full SEO Audit for you in 24 hours.


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