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Storyboarding A Music Video

I’m going to break down a music video by Echosmith called Stuck, directed by Danny Drysdale. Keep reading to learn more on how to actually film music video, how to do the pre-production, create a storyboard and film. By the way, if you don’t know Echosmith, you know them. Trust me. You know the song Cool Kids? Yes, that’s them. They have an amazing …


What Can You Learn From The Best Film Director In History?

I really like Masterclass and it was on my radar for some time. There was still something missing though, until I have seen that the best film director in history James Cameron has finally made his Masterclass. I have bought Masterclass annual membership right away and I couldn’t be happier to learn to see the world through …


Lighting Techniques Every Film-Maker Should KNOW!

Good lighting can make even a bad camera look good. Learn how professional film-makers use light to tell a story. I’m going to talk about the main lighting techniques used in film. If you want to learn more about lighting and film-making techniques, I definitely recommend the Film-maker’s handbook by Steve Ascher. It is like a …


How To Create Subtitles For Your Videos

Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 has a new version for creating subtitles. It’s a game changer but there’s more to come, also automatic transcription! In this video I explain EVERYTHING there is on Subtitles a.k.a. Captions. I’m a freelance video producer and Media trainer and I’m going to show you the best and quickest way to …


5 Books You NEED To Read in 2021

Since the pandemic and lockdowns, I have been reading a lot of books about business, marketing, self-development and biographies. I have put together a list of top 5 books for you to read to get you a great start in 2021. These books pumped me, hyped me, motivated me but most importantly educated me especially …


How To Create Video Ads With No Editing Skills

How to create video ads for your socials with no editing skills and under 1 hour? I have been asked by InVideo to create an online course where I explain and show people how to make this happen. You can see it here:


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