If you cut the BS and really show yourself to your clients and potential clients on camera, your brand will be catapulted. People will never trust you if you’re a different person off camera than you’re on camera. Show your true personality and win.
When I started my freelance career, I thought I need a mentor because I made a hard switch from being employed for 6 years into the world of freelancing. How much a business mentor helped me and how much it slowed me down in the process?
In terms of planning and business strategy, I think we’ve learnt a big lesson during the Coronavirus outbreak in the world. So what are the lessons from it? Should we plan or should we just accept that things can change anytime.
How to sell and not be pushy? Are you also tired of all those emails and pitches coming to your inbox from someone who you have never met or met once? I’m also talking about my mistakes when I started freelancing and I needed to go for the hard sell but in the end it […]
My review of book by Ciara Roberts Wholly Aligned which helps you awake your inner physician. I definitely recommend it for the quarantine reading, so you can get back to work nicely and calmly, changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. I’m sure this comes pretty handy these days! You can see it and buy […]
I had a great chat with Online Marketing Strategist & Coach Armando Femiano from Milan, Italy about how to grow your business during the lockdown. Armando is working mostly online and not much has changed for him since COVID-19 but what tips he’s got for you? You can follow Armando on Instagram: and also […]
I believe that every business should have a website. But I also believe that every individual should have a website too. Whether you want to find your dream job or simply share your cooking skills, you better have a website. Can you earn money with your website? I’m going to start by saying that you […]
In this episode of my podcast I talk about staying authentic while promoting your brand online. Creating a persona may help you with getting some attention but for a long-term you need to stay true to yourself and your audience. Only this way you can gain trust and grow your business.
John Krasinski is crushing it right now with a brilliant idea of creating a YouTube show Some Good News and spreading some good vibes around! He didn’t wait for nothing, fed up with bad news everywhere he looked, John decided to create Some Good News. If you never heard of it, you will soon see […]
Being a videographer, photographer or any other creative can be challenging because we are usually introverted people standing always behind the camera or laptop. However, if you want to become the best, or one of the best, you need to work on your soft skills too. I would say it’s equally important to any other […]
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