Filming yourself might be stressful to most people, maybe even uncomfortable. However, these days it’s the most effective way of promoting yourself online and grow your business during the Coronavirus lockdown. If you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re making a huge mistake. In this article I’m going to show you countless examples of people […]
Workshops, University, YouTube? I would say all of that but it depends on many things. My journey was completely low budget with no resources. When I got interested in videography I had no possibility of attending workshops or events and meet film-makers. I know this sounds like an excuse, but I don’t know how else […]
Every photographer dreams about making a mark. Taking a photo that will be known by the whole world and even replicated endless times. Just like any other artist. A musician wants to write a song that people all around the world will sing for another thousand years. But how one comes to this creation? Iain […]
How it all started with Amazon Studios? In 2010 Amazon decided to create Amazon Studios and produce original content and distribute movies globally. Screenwriters from all over the world were able to submit their screenplays for TV shows and movies in return for a very nice reward of 10 000 – 200 000 dollars. If […]
Nicole Venglovicova
When we say Apple, we think of Steve Jobs. When we say Mark Zuckerberg, we think of Facebook. When we say Messi, we think of Barcelona. This guide will help you overcome your fears and understand importance of being the leader of your brand. The key to a good leadership It’s so important not to hide […]
Instagram highlights In this tutorial I’m showing you how to create Instagram highlight cover in 60 seconds using your phone. The second part of the video is creating customised highlight covers using Adobe Photoshop. #Instagram #Tutorial #Highlight
How to create a studio photography session in your room while being quarantined I had a simple idea in my mind and I made it happen with a very simple set up and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. #Photoshop #Photography #iPhoneSE
I have been following Some Good News Project since the very beginning and I have written this article which predicted and explained why John Krasinski started Some Good News in the first place: John Krasinski made a brilliant entrepreneurial move by selling his project to a big TV network. Though, viewers are not pleased […]
I have decided to write my second e-book about my freelancing journey. I’d like to help freelancers who start out to avoid some mistakes which cost them money, time, nerves and sanity. I have written down my biggest freelancing mistakes, the reasons I made them and how to take a lesson from them. I am […]
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