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Freelance Videographer in London

How To Become A Videographer? (How I Become a Videography Producer)

How to become a videographer no matter what? Even if you don’t even own a camera? I will tell you how to make your dream come true because I’m the proof that you only need your passion and you can become whatever you want and make a living. All you need to know is in…
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Cameras – our biggest fear?

Today I filmed with one of my clients for the first time and I got reminded of people’s fear of cameras. When I talk to them, it’s all good but when I hit the record button, it’s all gone. All the confidence and all of a sudden people are lost for words. In my professional…
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How to be a kick ass film director — 5 rules

After 6 years in the business, I want to give you some tips to become awesome kick-ass director. I always wanted to become a film director since I was around 12 but I didn’t really know what skills and experience I need for it. I just wanted to be the boss and make movies/videos. But…
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5 tips to do/film professional interviews

Being well prepared for an interview is half of the success already. If you think that writing your questions and setting up date and place is enough, I’ll prove you wrong in this article. I’ll give you the best tips for preparing and executing an interview, either with a stranger or a celebrity. My experience…
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