In this episode of my podcast Girl With A Camera, I’m talking to a writer and director from LA Justin Best about his short film called Face On. It’s creepy and I love it! We are discussing the fact that people are fascinated by creepy, odd, weird and extreme characters on screen, why is that?

In the world of horror, it’s not often that we see a female serial killer. But that’s exactly what the short film “Face On” brings to the table. The film, directed by [Director’s Name], is a unique take on the genre, focusing on a woman so obsessed with beauty and appearance that she goes to the extreme of chopping people’s faces off.

A Fresh Take on Horror

“Face On” tackles various social issues such as mental health, comparison culture, and body image issues through the lens of its female protagonist. The film’s director explains, “The character in our film is a serial killer. She does whatever she wants, which is something that appeals to us inside. We spend so much time living within so many rules and things that we should do, and when we see someone who just so brazenly breaks the rules, it’s appealing.”


Behind the Scenes

The short film, which runs for about five minutes, was shot in a day and a half with a budget of around four thousand dollars. The director’s wife, who is also the actress in the film, was a significant part of the project. The film was shot in their apartment, and the crew consisted of a few dedicated individuals who were willing to experiment with different shooting angles and locations.

The Journey to a Feature Film Face on

After the success of the short film, the team decided to expand “Face On” into a feature film. The director has been working on the screenplay for about three to four years, and they are currently in the funding stage. They have already raised a significant portion of their goal and are eager to start production.

The feature film will delve deeper into the protagonist’s character and her motivations. It will also have more comedic elements, adding a fun feeling to the film along with all the gore and face-cutting.

The Appeal of Horror

When asked why people are fascinated by disturbing content, the director believes it’s because these narratives allow us to live vicariously through characters who break societal norms. Films like “Face On” provide an outlet for viewers to experience a world outside of their normal box.

Looking Forward

The director is excited about the future of “Face On” and hopes to see it in theatres and on streaming platforms. He believes that the film’s unique perspective and compelling narrative will resonate with audiences, particularly as it offers a fresh take on the horror genre.

“Face On” is a testament to the power of creativity and the impact of unique storytelling. It’s a film that pushes boundaries and challenges norms, all while providing a thrilling and engaging viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of horror or just a lover of innovative cinema, “Face On” is a film worth watching.


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