My Courses

Freelance Videographer in London

I’ve created 3 courses that you need to grow your business. All of these courses cover everything you need in order to build and grow your brand online.

How to talk to the camera like a pro

The first course will teach you how to talk to the camera like a pro, so you can promote yourself with videos on social media and your website. In this one hour video course, you will understand how to gesture, pose and talk confidently, what are the biggest mistakes and how to get rid off bad habits when filming videos.

How to start a personal blog on WordPress and make money 

This course will teach you everything about starting a website. What domain name you should pick, web hosting company, how to install WordPress easily, how to design your website, and how and why start writing blogs and how you can turn it into a side hustle.

How to build your brand online 

I will teach you in this course how to build your social media profiles in the right way to build your authority online. I share many tips and tricks I’ve learn in my experience of getting hired, gettting new clients and building my online authority. How to build your brand online is a must course to have.

If you have any questions about my courses, you can write me on my social media or email. If you want to build your own course, I can help you with the whole process. Don’t hesitate to contact me.