About Me

I’m a freelance video producer and director based in London and I work with businesses and brands who aim for excellence. My clients are leaders in their field and I help them stay on top.

My specialty is telling stories of businesses and their customers and support their online presence. That includes filming and editing testimonials, online webinars, online courses and managing their Youtube channel.


You can hire me for one-off project too but I’m a believer that one amazing video will not change your business and bring you infinite numbers of customers. I believe in quantity. My clients work with me for years as I guide them through the social media world and latest video trends which help them stay relevant and grow their brand.

My experience is next level

I have been in the video industry for a decade and I have worked with TV presenters, actors, presidents, CEOs and countless of business owners. I have been employed by a video production agency for 5 years so I understand exactly the infrastructure of big companies and their needs and culture (that is why I receive full-time offers quite often).


Facts and Numbers

I have worked with P&G, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Philip Morris, Arcelor Mittal; I have interviewed The President of Slovak Republic; I have filmed and edited over 500 events across Czechoslovakia (We still call it Czechoslovakia). I’ve sold over 5,000 courses on Udemy, published 2 E-books on Amazon Kindle.


I teach marketing departments video editing at Media Training next to Tower Bridge but you can book this course online too. Come and join me for one of my courses, my rating is 9.9 out of 10. Book your place through: nicole@nicoleven.com

My values

I am a very ambitious person and I will do what it takes but it has to be aligned with my values. Integrity, Honesty and Respect.

Why I love videos?

The simple answer is ‘I was born this way’. I’ve written screenplay for an online series when I was 17 and shot my first movie on anything that had any kind of camera. I’ve turned my passion into a career and I enjoy every minute of it for almost a decade.

Born in the…. Czechoslovakia

I was born in a small town in Slovakia right after the Velvet revolution. My parents were forced to name me Nikola instead of Nicole, because of post-socialism rules. That’s why I prefer to use the name I was supposed to be given which is Nicole. It not only means ‘Victory of the people’ in a Greek origin but for me it also represents Freedom.

My true calling

I did a lot of sports when I was a child – football, tennis, bedminton, basketball, floorball. However, my biggest passion was writing stories and screenplays because I loved movies. I wanted to become another Steven Spielberg but my family couldn’t afford any kind of camera so I was stuck with a pen and paper instead. I am stubborn so I didn’t give up and I started editing videos of other people on my laptop.

As it begun…

I applied for a university for filmmakers and I was rejected twice. After this confidence crush, I took a biggest challenge in my life which was moving to Denmark to study when I was 19. After being through all kind of money and life struggles, I successfully finished my studies of Multimedia design and video production and got a job in Czech republic as a videographer, later becoming a head of video production.


Moving to London

In 2018, I decided to move to the city where I always wanted to live – London – and take my career to the next level. You can find me at my home and office in West London or anywhere else in the world as I work remotely and online.

I’ve built my business from scratch and every year I doubled my income from the previous year. And yes, also during the pandemic. This is how I roll. You can read my journey in my book Freelancer’s Diary: Learn from my biggest mistakes.

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