Why videographers need to learn SEO?

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Why videographers need to learn SEO?


Learning SEO is one of the most important skill of this era. Wether you own a business or you’re a freelancer, you need to have your SEO sorted out and the most efficient way is to do it yourself.

Why we need SEO?

You don’t need to spend thousand of pounds for SEO agency or a consultant if you learn the skill yourself. Why learn it? If you don’t know how SEO works, then it’s gonna be hard for you to identify what is wrong with your website. Meaning less conversions, less sales or none from your website – meaning it’s completely useless to have a website in the first place.

You need to sort this out for example, before I learnt SEO, my website wasn’t secured – I didn’t have https certificate. I thought what a big deal? Well, the uknown fact was that Google doesn’t trust my website so I will be pushed down in results or won’t be there at all. And secondly all the data I put in can be easily attacked and stolen without this certificate. Sometimes it can also happen that some people can’t even visit your site because they get warning from their browser.

Optimize your website


Another thing is having optimized website will push you higher on Google and you can build your brand this way. Becoming known in online world means a big deal in this day and age. Learn how to optimize your articles, why you even need a blog on your website? What is on-page and off-page optimization and so on. You can learn all those things in a very short time with good online course like this for example made by #1 SEO Consultant in London Fernando Raymond. Email me to nicole@clickdo.co.uk and get 30% off.

Rank and beat your competition

If you optimize your website and get some backlinks and post a lot of blogs, you will rank organically in the end. This will put you step ahead of your competition. You can decide what keywords you want to rank for. I’m trying ‘Freelance videographer London’ – so I go for those. You can go for ‘Wedding videographer London’ or ‘Event videographer London’ and so on. It depends on your niche and focus.

SEO and videos

As a videographer you need to also know that more and more people watch videos every day. That means in search results, videos will be up first. We have this amazing advantage because we can film and edit amazing videos every day. We upload them on YouTube and Vimeo, getting backlinks to our website and it helps SEO greatly. Google is YouTube so if you google yourself and have an active YouTube channel, your videos will come in the first. So the more views on your videos, the better SEO for your name/website. You can read an interesting article on this topic on Searchenginewatch.com.


Google yourself

Try to Google yourself and see what’s gonna come up. If you’re a videographer, then only related things to videography should appear. But you need to optimize for it, also name your photos properly etc. But right now maybe photos from parties or very old articles are showing up, having nothing to do with your videography skills. It might confuse your potential clients. If you’re not active online, how do we know you’re active offline? Are you busy with your clients, work? We can’t see any case studies or testimonials from your clients on Google. The more successful you are, the more you post – the more you post, the more people see you = more work you get.

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