Why Every Business Needs a YouTube Channel?

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Why Every Business Needs a YouTube Channel?


YouTube Statistics say that there’s 400 hours of video uploaded every minute and there are 2 billion unique viewers monthly. So are you asking why you need to have a YouTube channel? Because you’re missing out on 2 billion people monthly watching your videos.

YouTube is here since 2005 and it grows every year. I can confidently say that it’s going to stick around for a long time. As long as its owner – Google – is still here, then YouTube will be here too. YouTube is not just a phase social media like Periscope or Vine that disappear after a while, because in fact, it’s not a social media. It’s a search engine for videos. So if your business is on Google, your website is ranking and it’s shown on Google – you should apply the same principle to Youtube as well.

What are the biggest benefits of having a YouTube channel?

YouTube is Google, so the biggest benefit really is online promotion and SEO because your Youtube channel, links to your website and your products are linked to your brand immediately. You get your website good back link from your videos and that helps with SEO a lot. That’s how Fernando Raymond, #1 SEO consultant in London ranked #1. He created a YouTube channel and published an incredible amount of videos to create those back links to his website. As well as it helped him build a general awareness of his brand and ultimately he got his first clients thanks to his YouTube channel.

Another benefit is definitely a selling potential for your products and services when your videos are watched and shared among people. You make one video and that video finds new and new people even after months or years. So again this is not a social media where posts last few minutes or hours and then disappear for good. YouTube stores the content and some channels might be successful and discovered after years. You can read some tips on How to create a successful YouTube channel in 2019.

It is indeed a completely free advertising and if done well, you can have an amazing opportunity to promote yourself among 2 billion monthly users for free!! If you create a video that goes viral, then this is it. Your phone will ring 24 hours a day. Build you brand online and take opportunity on every social media and search engines possible.

I talked to one of my clients Matt Gingell who is an employment law specialist and asked him why he decided to start a YouTube channel. Few months ago he mentioned this idea of turning his online guides on his website into videos on YouTube. He also saw a very good opportunity there because none of his competitors is currently doing anything like that.

I decided to launch a YouTube channel because I believed that it would be a great way of explaining employment law in simple terms. Video is a powerful form of communication and people often find it easier to digest information through this medium.

You need to have a mission

Matt’s mission is to explain law in a simple way as he mentioned. That’s a perfect way to start because every successful YouTuber is actually on the mission. Viewers need to understand what you are all about. Nobody will subscribe to a channel that just advertises their products or services for the sake of advertising. People want to see that you do it for a higher cause. Basically that you really want to help them. Laugh, learn, educate, smile or jump and so on.

I am sure it is going to have a great impact on my business – though long term. I think that a YouTube channel takes time to get established but in time am confident that more and more people will view the videos. It is great for getting your name out there and marketing your services.

Launching and maintaining a YouTube channel can be challenging though. Once you make a commitment to your subscribers that you will publish one video per week, you have to do it. YouTube viewers, especially subscribers are very strict on YouTube. If you simply don’t keep your word, they might move on and unsubscribe. You need to create a compelling banner, create suggested videos for each of your videos, put subscribe button everywhere possible, verify your channel, associate it with your website, enable longer videos, categorize your channel and so on.

Ideally create a welcome video where you explain your mission and also introduce yourself to your potential subscribers.

How to upload videos the right way?

First of all, uploading a video on YouTube is not that easy if you want to do it right. There are some unwritten rules that you need to follow. This article on How to make YouTube thumbnails will give you a hand with it. For example, always create a customized thumbnail. 80% of users will more likely click on a video with customized thumbnail. Make it stand out but remember that misleading thumbnails will lead to a ban and will harm your channel forever. For instance, if you have a video which promotes car rental, don’t put a half naked woman on your thumbnail just to get clicks. This will end badly for your channel in the end. And not only this. Your videos will have such a high bounce rate and dislikes that they will not appear in search results for your keywords at all.


How to name my videos on YouTube in SEO friendly manner?

Title description is crucial for YouTube search to pick up your video and push it up. Do some keyword research and name your videos accurately. Always use keywords first and then your brand name. For example: Dress codes | Matt Gingell’s Employment Law Videos or How to become a videographer | Episode 1. Never switch it the other way. You can also use hashtags if your video is on current trending topic. This might also help you with discovering your videos.

Description is made of two sections. The first one is a unique description of what your video is about. It has to include your keywords. Also try to make it a bit longer and play with it. Longer descriptions provide more trustworthy promise that video will be the same caliber.
The second part of description is the default description. This includes your links to social media, website and any kind of thing you want to promote. It doesn’t matter if it will be the same in every video, YouTube knows it’s a default description, so it will only read your unique one.

Tags are very simple. Just find words that best describe what your video is about. Don’t overcomplicate it.

What’s the biggest challenge about having a YouTube channel?

As I mentioned, you really have to stay active and upload videos at least once a week. But even bigger challenge is not giving up. When you launch your YouTube channel, don’t expect having thousands of views overnight. And don’t expect having hundreds of subscribers either. You might have 5 views or even none and you have to accept it. You need to try some hacks if you really don’t have any audience and find some in this article How to get YouTube subscribers. Start making videos about current topics and trends and somehow relate them to your business or brand. Be careful with this one though, you might gain a lot of haters as well. You need to realize you’re on a mission and you’re not creating your YouTube channel for views and fame!

Also have in mind that it will take some time from you. And some energy and effort. Even when you hire a videographer to help you with everything, you need to know what to say, what to promote and how to promote it. You need to prepare yourself and even if you hire an actor to do it for you, you need to make sure everything is said correctly in terms of your brand. You need to go through it and even this takes some time as well. And how Matt Gingell sees this after 3 months of launching his channel?

It is challenging though. It’s takes a lot of time to get each video right in terms of content and style. Preparation is very important and patience too.

And I shall add that it’s also so much fun! It’s definitely hard work but it’s definitely a new way to start your office day and change the pace a bit.

How to start a YouTube channel?

The first step of starting a YouTube channel is hiring a professional video production agency or a freelance videographer with experience of creating social media friendly videos, to help you with the whole set up, filming and post-production. So many things depend on the success of your channel, for example high quality audio, background, your expression, content, music. A professional with help you with this and makes sure everything is done in a professional manner. Also your viewers will see you put some serious effort into making these videos. And they will become your subscribers in the end.

And by the way, subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you.

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