I really like Masterclass and it was on my radar for some time. There was still something missing though, until I have seen that the best film director in history James Cameron has finally made his Masterclass. I have bought Masterclass annual membership right away and I couldn’t be happier to learn to see the world through director’s lens.

There are many amazing classes on this platform but I want to talk about James’s as I found it the most fascinated so far. The unbelievable part is you feel like you’re in his office or studio and he’s taking you on a journey of his films and explains the creative process to you.

James Cameron Masterclass

I have read many books about James Cameron and his work, as well as I’ve seen many documentaries but what I’ve seen in his Masterclass was never published before! The amount of value given is priceless. James Cameron is responsible for introducing 3D film to us, his movies made in total over 6 billion dollars, not to mention setting the highest box office record sales in history with Titanic and then topping his own record with Avatar.

James is breaking down scenes from Terminator, Alien, Titanic and the whole creation of Avatar (The most successful movie of all time, and yes Avatar is back on throne after Avengers End Game, as of 13 March 2021). In his Masterclass, you get to see the actual and original storyboards, you get to see how Avatar was actually put together with a new technology, which was unthinkable just couple of years prior. 


I really like that James gave a lot of valuable advice on film-making covering film theory and its principles but a lot of it really happened in his editing studio with practical examples of real work, real films we all know and love. I could see into his head as he was explaining the intention behind every shot of the most iconic scenes.

Low-Budget Film-Making Tips

And if you’re thinking that it’s all big production, James has one lesson dedicated to low-budget film-making as well, explaining how to create your sets and all sorts of big props with film-making tricks. Even if you’re not planning to make a science-fiction film, you may find those tips interesting as James also talks about how to take advantage of outside light with streets lamps and parking lots, for example.

The full Masterclass consists of 15 videos which translate into 3 hours and 20 minutes. 

Get a Free Week Pass To Watch It

I recommend this class for any film-maker out there, I believe it’s a must! Before I wrap this up, number one, I can actually give you a free week pass so you can get this class for free, so if you want it, leave the comment below my Youtube video with the reason why you want this and I will pick one of you!

Secondly, if you’d like to study more on film-making, I recommend this book which is like the bible of film-making and you really have to read it to understand the whole process from pre-production to the final film on screen, it’s called The Film-maker’s Handbook and it is available here.


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