Best ways to manage and reduce stress

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Best ways to manage and reduce stress

Nicole Venglovicova

When running a business, we all get into stressful situations. It happens wether we want it or not. So what to do about it? We do what we love and we don’t want to be stressed out and create negative energy around us.

When stressed out, you actually forget to enjoy your job – your passion. Stress takes away all the joy from the process and makes you only focus on negatives and problems. How can we do our job properly then? It’s a higher chance of making mistakes and decrease effectivity.

What to do when stressed out?

I had a very interesting chat with Fernando, a successful entrepreneur running multiple business in London. We talked about stress relief and how to handle stress because everytime I meet him, he’s so chill out and I needed to ask how he does it.

He’s a very busy business man colliding with plenty of difficult situations and that’s why he needed to find a way how to handle stress and ideally be stress-free. His biggest advice is to meditate and do it every single day twice for at least 20 minutes. If you don’t know how to do it or how to even start meditating, you can find out all the information in this acrticle by Mindful How to meditate.

I started meditating as well, although I find it very difficult because my mind produces so many thoughts and I feel unstoppable. Meditation makes you stop those thoughts for a while so you can control it. It’s very challenging for me but I’m trying my best to do it daily and learn it properly.

What helps me the most to relax?

Every day I go for a run to get my mind clear. I live near beautiful scenery and golf courts so it’s very peaceful to go for a run there. I feel great afterwards physically and mentally because I know I’m doing something good for my body and I get off all the stress thoughts. Except from stress relief, it gives you additional benefits for brain, skin or bones; you can read more in a publication by Women’s running 16 health benefits of running. It’s pretty addictive to be honest which is only a good thing in this case. Everytime I go for a run, I feel free and powerful. It’s kind of like a meditation for me because it’s just me in the nature and in this environment everything is so peaceful that there’s no place for negative mind.

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