Who wants to receive automated DM?

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Who wants to receive automated DM?


Anytime I receive an automated DM on Twitter, I delete it without reading. I just need to see that it’s completely non-personal and it contains something like ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Check out’. I especially like the ones who asks you to check out their Facebook pages… on Twitter. I don’t have the statistics, so maybe it works for some people but I really don’t like it. There’s no way I would click on ANY link from automated DM, because there’s so much hacks and spams – which are also automated.


Secondly, it makes me smile when a message is asking me to like the user’s page or visit their website, although the person doesn’t follow me back. Well, unless you’re a fucking rockstar, if you want something from your followers, give them something back. The bottom line is that if your tweets are interesting enough, your followers will visit your website sooner or later anyway. 
If I follow a band that I like, why do I need to hear that I should subscribe to their Youtube channel, or visit their Merch etc.? I have already been there, that’s why I follow them because I saw their videos, I liked it, I checked out their website… so that DM is just neccessery spam for me. And I really believe I’m not the only one.

Another case is someone you don’t know but you followed them because their bio and tweets are interesting. They send you an automated DM to say more about their product or service or to ask you to like them on FB. Why should I give a like to someone’s FB page if I don’t know them/their product well enough?