3 biggest myths about Twitter

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3 biggest myths about Twitter


1. You will gain hundreds of followers in few days

When you start your Twitter page, you might think that people will just follow you. Well, the truth is – they will not. People don’t know you’re on Twitter. You are one of thousands of new profiles created daily. You might get some follows, but it would probably be spams and fake accounts.

After you create your profile, you will follow some accounts. Celebrities, your friends and people who might give you a follow back. But remember, as an account with only few followers [0-100], you’re like an outsider. Not many people follow accounts with so few followers. They don’t see a benefit from it, and as usual people follow the masses. In this case, they don’t want to be among only 50 people [your followers]. Yes, the beginning is very difficult.


2. Using as many hashtags as you can will make you more popular
Hashtags actually work only in few occasions. But if not you put them in your tweet like this:

‘Good morning! I’m travelling today to London, so excited! #London #travel #travelling #Britain #UK #amazing #beautiful #excited #summer #sun #greatness #awesome’

Let me say that this is VERY annoying to your followers. It takes their space on dashboard and they don’t care about hashtags. Once they get so annoyed, that they’ll mute you [will not see your tweets anymore], you’re done. Your tweets can be awesome but not many of your followers will see them.

When the hashtags work?
Hashtags work then you put them in your profile bio. People who are searching for photographers will see you, because Twitter puts you higher on the list if you use hashtag #photography or #photographer in your bio. You can also tag accounts in your bio but unless you’re a fan of a band or sport’s team, tag only accounts you know. When you say, I’m a best friend with @xy… and @xy doesn’t know you at all, they might not like it.


Secondly, hashtags work when trending. If you choose a hashtag which is trending and use it in your tweet {one hashtag}, it shows you follow what’s trending and you wanna say your opinion on it. If your tweet is funny, creative or somehow interesting, you can get some attention and you can get new followers – who like what you do. That is how you build a base on Twitter. Not by people who follow you because you like #summer #amazing #cool #London…. These followers will unfollow you in the end – because they don’t care about your other tweets.


3. People will follow me back if I follow them
This is not necessarily true. Even if you follow an account of this type: 1500 following and 600 followers. You think to yourself that he/she will follow you back because they obviously follow a lot of people and don’t need a follow back. Not true at all.

Firstly, maybe this account is following a lot of celebrities etc. and that’s why it doesn’t have so many follow backs. Maybe this account follows only sports fans. And you’re a photographer, remember?

Secondly, maybe this account hasn’t been online for a while, or maybe it didn’t check its followers for some time.

Thirdly, if this account follows you back, maybe they already plan on unfollowing you in the future. And they hope you won’t notice.

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