Brighton – Part 1: Remote working

Freelance Videographer in London

Brighton – Part 1: Remote working


I officially started summer season on Saturday June 1st and visited SEO city Brighton for the first time. Travelling and basically remote work is the new trend of recent years. If you have a laptop, you can take it anywhere, you can travel the world and earn money online. In my case, it’s my videography business based in London but still freelancing all over the UK.

You don’t need to work from 9-5 every day in a job you don’t enjoy. You can have freedom and enjoy life but you need to understand that this glamorous life costs something. By that I mean you don’t work 9-5 but you work every day, night or day. If you need to.

You have your freedom but you need to sacrifice some nights or weekends exactly when your friends wanna party. Sometimes people think it’s just working 3 hours a day for a month and earning so much money. This can happen after years of hustling but not right away when you start. So get your illusion out of your head. And get to work.

If you think you can work more than your friends and you become successful, it might be true, but if you wanna own the world, you have to hustle every single day like it’s your last one.

I visited Brighton and documented everything so I can have video of what I do and when and how I do it. As a videographer, I need to show what I do in videos. Photos and blogs are not enough. So if you’re a videographer of any kind, put yourself on the video as well. Don’t stand in the shadow or behind the camera all the time. Be the face of your brand and lose the low confidence. If people that you film can do it, you can do it too.

Enjoy the video and like, share, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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