Top Things to Know About SEO [Podcast]

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Top Things to Know About SEO [Podcast]


Every week I film a podcast with Fernando Raymond, #1 SEO consultant in London, and we discuss different topics of digital marketing. In this podcast we focus on basic SEO questions and knowledge that every business owner should know in order to be able to grow and mantain their business and brand online. We also talk about videography and writing blogs and posting content online in general. What are the most important things to keep in mind? How often should you post and what social media profiles should you have for your business?

What is the summary of this podcast?

The main thing we talked about was the importance of basic SEO knowledge for every human being. Business owners and brands need to understand this niche in order to be able to make crucial steps and decisions towards success. Online success nowadays is even more important than offline success. You can make so much money online, rather than spending your time offline working your craft.

How to optimize your videos?

Optimizing videos is different than optimizing a blog post like this one. Google can’t read videos yet, even though transcripts are easily created on YouTube. What that means is you can actually publish the same video on many different platforms and it doesn’t do you any harm. Quite the opposite. You can publish the same video to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and it will only help you grow your brand online.

Can I publish the same blog on different websites?

However, if you publish the same blog post on different websites, you’re duplicating content and Google doesn’t like that at all. But in terms of videos is a complete different story. If you name your videos differently, also put unique description to each of them, Google will count it as unique videos. When it comes to titles, it’s the same principle like giving a blog post a title. So for now duplicating video content is good for your ranks but the best thing especially for the future, when Google might start reading videos and consider it as a blog post, try to create unique content which is the recipe to the best results always.

Enjoy the podcast and let me know any questions in the comments for the next one! Every new podcast will be published on this website so do come back and keep watching!

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