In this blog I’m going to present you the best filmmaking classes on Masterclass! And I will also give you a free pass for a week to see them! 

Masterclass is a great resource for filmmakers and personally I bought my membership after James Cameron jumped on board with his Masterclass.

Jodie Foster 

Jodie Foster Masterclass is focused on coming up with a good story and developing it into a screenplay followed by storyboard. Going deeper on characters and asking a lot of questions on why they do what they do in this and that scene. 

Deconstructing scenes we know from Jodie’s films, for example The Beaver with Mel Gibson, the scene where he tries to kill himself in a sad but ironically funny way. Jodie takes us to behind the scenes from storyboard to a final edit.

Spike Lee 

Spike Lee introduces new angles on filmmaking in his Masterclass. What I found as the most insightful thing was the approach to taking the story and putting in on screen. The process of filming is very in the moment even thought you have storyboard and a plan, but sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s beauty in it. Spike deconstructs famous scenes from his films where things didn’t go as planned. 

Casting directors to find actors you don’t know. Tell stories that matter. 

Werner Herzog 

Werner Herzog is looking for the story and doesn’t plan too much. His ideology is to capture the truth on camera. Werner gives a great advice on where and how to save money in the budget and how not to miss a deadline. He also offers solutions to working with difficult actors who are driving the crew crazy.  

Learning from stories which are hundreds years old, studying the poetry, classic literature. 

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson made such a great Masterclass full of his personality. But not only that, he literally takes actors/understudies and read with them, giving them live feedback on the scenes from Pulp fiction and other films. Sam explains what actors can/should bring to the table. 

It’s very practical, the best lecture for actors by far. 

James Cameron 

James Cameron, this is the best filmmaking class for any director out there. Going into behind the scenes of the most successful films in history is priceless.  

Breaking down the scenes from TERMINATOR, Avatar, Titanic, characters, breaking boundiers but even tips on low-budget film-making like using street lighting in the parking lots at night and so on.  

I have weekly passes to access all these classes for free. If you want it, comment below this video which class you would love the most. And also don’t forget to subscribe 😉  



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