The Illusionists Live in London – Review

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The Illusionists Live in London – Review


Do you like magic or let’s say illusions? If you like letting people fool your mind, then this show is perfect for you! I like to be challenged and let my mind to bend a little – from time to time. That’s why I decided to go to see The Illusionists Live in London at Shaftesbury Theatre in West End.

What to expect from The Illusionists Live?

Expect unexpected. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but I can give you some hints. Every single illusionist is different. They have different tricks and specialisation to keep the show interesting and full of variety. There is a comedian doing seemingly simple but yet amazing tricks while he’s entertaining the whole crowd. And sometimes on the expense of the crowd which is of course the most hilarious thing.

I will not name or tell you everyone’s role but I have to mention Adam Trent which is like I call him a digital illusionist or a digital magician. The official role of his is The Futurist, close enough. He uses all the modern technology to bring the magic to the next digital level and yet keeping it old school. As a videographer as well as production crew at theatres in Prague, I appreciate the usage of technology in theatres because I know exactly how precise it has to be if it’s live. Every single second matters and everything has to fall in to place. And I repeat if it’s live, you don’t get second chances. Adam has got an amazing personality that shines through which I absolutely loved. I won’t mention his good looks because quite frankly, they’re all looking very handsome. The thrill for the guys and some fun for the girls.

So who are The Illusionists?

Anyway, except the comedy and technology we have a charming French man disappearing and reappearing, God knows how he does it. He even repeats the trick but nobody of course couldn’t catch it anyway. The last guy I will reveal is a stuntman doing all the things you would never do, but you love watching somebody else doing it. Crazy and dangerous I would say. Sometimes I really wanted to cover my eyes with my hands and I was thinking to myself, is this show really family friendly? πŸ˜€ Seeing a lot of kids there, I assume that it is.


Oh well, one more thing I reaveal is the mentalist! A funny dork guy reading your mind. If you’re going to be seated in the front row, watch out for him. I didn’t see or read anything about The Illusionists in advance so I don’t want to reveal everything in this article. I also want you to keep the suprise going but all I say to those guys is that they’re the best in their field. They are perfomers, entertainers and well the illusionists. At some point it felt like I’m watching Britain’s Got Talent, not only because Jonathan Goodwin – The Daredevil actually went to this talent show and went quite far. He stunned the whole nation and now you can watch him doing unspeakable things in front of your eyes.

Is The Illusionists Live show worth every penny?

Judging myself and also the reaction from my fellow crowd, The Illusionists Live is a definitely crowd pleaser. It makes you think about how they did it? it makes you want to become one of them because well, it’s just so damn cool to fool people and be the only one in the room knowing what just happened. I attented the second run of the show, I think it’s the 3rd one and there was a bit of a mailfunction of one trick but it got sorted very quickly. Although the show was so captivating, funny and mind fooling that nobody was even sure if it was part of the trick or if the mailfunction is really happenning.

The show runs for a bit over than 2 hours and you really have the time fly by. I would describe it as watching the best talent show full of magician and comedians.

The Illustionists have you in the palm of their hand the whole time and you don’t believe them a thing they tell you. Once they say something, they do the opposite, so they keep the unpredictable things going all the time. But the ending of the show was very emotional as well as stunning followed by well deserved standing ovation from London crowd at Shaftesbury Theatre.

How do you buy the tickets to The Illusionists Live?

There are plenty of ways to buy tickets but just for your information the show runs through the whole summer until September 2019. Usually on the show day there are two shows, one in the afternoon at 2 p.m. and then there’s an evening show at 7.30 p.m.. So you might choose between those two. I have been to the one at 2 p.m. and there were a lot of kids, so would be interested to know if the evening show is also like this.

You can buy tickets directly from Shaftesbury Theatre: or you can watch out for big discounts at but keep in mind that discounted tickets are the ones with not the perfect view.

I can guarantee you some fun and very good entertainment for the summer nights coming! And maybe you will consider changing your career path after all.