The Biggest Mistake of Videographers

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The Biggest Mistake of Videographers


What is the biggest mistake of videographers? Are you making it too? I’m going to talk to you about my experience in my video production life as well as my experience of talking to fellow videographers.

Are you branding yourself as a videographer?

The first thing that I want to ask you is are you branding yourself?

Are you on social media posting about your video production, your life as a videographer? Or are you posting photos of food and your vacation? My advice to you is to build your profile as a 100% videographer inside out. You can post some unrelated photos and videos but have 90% of the content related to your job and or passion. You will raise your credibility and professional profile. Try to keep it not too personal but show your character as well. It’s all about finding the right balance.

I would also suggest don’t post any emotional stuff for instance related to your relationship, your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you. This will hurt your profile a lot because people just hate whiners and people who complain and are emotionally unstable.

Who wants to work such a person? I know it’s only human to show emotions, however when it comes to business, people want to hire mentally strong people because they put a lot of money and effort into their projects.

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Are you struggling to get clients?

Let’s get straight to the point. I met and talked to so many videographers who are struggling to get clients. Most of them are not doing it as their full time job but they do it partially, more as a hobby hustling their way up into the industry. I sympathize with that, altough I was never in that situation as I did focus all my time on becoming a videographer, effort and energy into finding exactly what I want and not do anything else after the University. If you struggle to get clients, there are plenty of reasons for that but this article is about the biggest mistake that occur.

Stand in front of a camera not behind it

Your videos don’t matter unless you’re in them. Let me explain. Some of you might argue but let’s just think about it. There are so many videographers in London and in the world these days and many of them have some really good videos to show off. Some do photos as well and majority has also their website. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Think about it. Why a YouTuber who had no idea how to edit videos just few years ago is doing someting that you wish for years and work hard on? Because they put themselves out there and literally talk about themselves and do their thing. If you don’t like talking about yourself, then get over it. This is the future and already present that every single person who wants to mean something in online world has to have their own reality show.

Filming myself transformed my whole business

Since the day I started filming myself, in other words creating my vlogs, my business was about to change. This doesn’t happen overnight because when you start filming videos, you sound like crap, you make mistakes, you don’t flow. You look back at it and roll your eyes. However, the key to every success is training and practice. And you also can’t give a damn what people think of you because you’re going to share those videos not only on your YouTube channel and all your friends and family will see you and ask you or even laugh at you.

You have to tell all the haters that this is what you love, this is what you believe with help your business one day and it will become a reality. I actually don’t give a damn what people think of me when I strongly believe in something. Yes, my videos were in the beginning pretty bad and I think people just laughed at it. But I never gave up and I knew I’m going to get better at it if I repeat it many times.

It’s a good learning process

I also found out that when I’m doing videos and talking about my business or videography in general, I’m even learning myself. When I covered new topic and I talked about it, I was getting it in my head. I remembered it better. It also became easier for me to explain to other people as well as give my best sales pitch.

Build an authority

I even started creating my online courses and I was building my brand and authority. I started getting clients much easier because I eliminated time-wasters. People who just want to chat to me or want to go very low budget. I refused those projects but because I didn’t have an online authority, they didn’t know who they were dealing with. No they can see my profiles and they see hundreds of videos of me talking about my business and they know immediately who I am and the way I work.

I suggest you start today and make some videos of yourself and get the courage to publish them everywhere. No matter how shy you are. If you want to be successful in this industry, you have to do whatever it takes.