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Freelance Videographer in London

Creatives need to learn how to be more business savvy

I’ve encountered many creatives who struggled with business side of things. And believe or not, I was also one of them. I didn’t want to become a freelancer because I thought I can’t deal with all the business things around it. So what changed my mind? Fear of starting a business First of all, I…
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3 biggest mistakes freelancers do

As a freelancer, you found yourself in a position of being a creator, sales person and manager in one. That’s why you need to develop many different skills in order to handle all of that. In this article, I’m giving you few tips on what to watch out for when you start out your freelancing…
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World Premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Congratulations to Bohemian Rhapsody movie on getting their awards, especially Golden Globes for Best motion picture and Best actor in a leading role. And of course The Academy Awards for the best Best sound mixing, Best film editing, Best sound editing and Best actor in a leading role! Well deserved! Now let’s go back to…
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