John Krasinski is crushing it right now with a brilliant idea of creating a YouTube show Some Good News and spreading some good vibes around! He didn’t wait for nothing, fed up with bad news everywhere he looked, John decided to create Some Good News. If you never heard of it, you will soon see it everywhere as the show is gaining incredible exposure online.

What is Some Good News?

Some Good News is a YouTube show hosted by John Krasinski well-known for his leading role in Amazon Prime Jack Ryan, the TV Show The Office, directing (and starring) of Quiet Place Part I and II.

The message is what counts

This show is filmed with an iPhone at John Krasinski’s house. The logo of this show is made of pencils and paper which he made himself or his kids. I’m not sure, anyway it’s brilliant! All you need is an idea, a phone with a camera, laptop, pencils and paper and you’re ready to go!

The simplicity of this is the key to success. Simple idea, no professional cameras, no printed banner, no fully equiped studio, not even any external audio system or microphone. Keep it simple and spread the good vibes. That is literally all that matters to people right now.

The format of the show is calling people on Zoom surprising them with some good news and vibes. Sharing incredble and beautiful stories of ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. Basically, people can submit their stories on social media using hashtag #SomeGoodNews. The topic always changes so if you follow the channel @SomeGoodNews you can be up to date with the current topics.

The trailer dropped on 30 March 2020 stating that there will be a new episode published every Sunday. After 7 days with two episodes published, the channel got 1.49 million subscribers and over 23 million views. Of course there was a help from fellow actors and other celebrities and friends of John Krasinski but if the idea and content wasn’t good, people wouldn’t watch it.

Now it’s time to create the breakthrough

I’m absolutely stunned by this project because I share the same opinion that news and media are mostly full of bad news because bad news brings more viewers. However, it is definitely not good for our mental health these days while being isolated at our houses and apartments, sometimes alone and definitely out of our usual lives.

John Krasinski could easily just sit at home, building LEGO and puzzle and not giving a damn about actually putting in the work for a new project. But now it is the perfect time to start a project, a YouTube channel, write a book and so on. Creating this project and being a host of it with such a high numbers of viewers can do a lot of good for John’s career in the future. As well as postponing the premiere of his latest movie A Quiet Place Part II can be boosted by this YouTube show and people might be even more hungry for this movie once it’s in the theatres. Again, overall brilliant idea and the win-win situation.

Growing your brand online was never easier

I think that people or businesses who want to build and grow their brand right now should create lots of videos and take advantage of everyone sitting at home consuming incredible amounts of content. No, we don’t have such a network or contacts like John Krasinski and we definitely won’t have 23 million views in 7 days BUT success doesn’t come overnight. You didn’t know who is John Krasinski few years ago, did you? And yet here we are. You start from zero, don’t mind your 24 views per video, so what!? You never know who is watching.

Think about how many videos you will have in 3 months. How will your channel grow? What if you create one viral video which will catapult your channel and business into the skies? You’re always one video away from a breaktrough.

If want to start filming videos about your business, yourself or even create a YouTube show like John, write me at or whatsapp me on +447436968405 and I’m definitely going to help you with this as I’m a video producer, editor and I want to help you grow your brand and business in these unpleasant times.

You can also see my online courses to help you with growing your brand here.


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