Trip to London for a photography seminar

Freelance Videographer in London

Trip to London for a photography seminar

Brian May

My second visit to London this month was even better than the first one. Despite crazy tourist’s crowds flooding the streets, I got the most out of it. Firstly, I enjoyed some food sitting in the park at night in Sheperd’s Bush. Secondly, I went to see Thriller live which was a lot of fun!


The third day I spent on Peter Neill photography seminar which was held in Capitol Radio London. I was thinking hard if I wanna go because I’m a videographer and not a professional photographer but the gap between those two is not as big as it used to be. Especially, since you can shoot miracles with DSLR.

Plus I knew Peter’s gonna talk about:

  • soft skills
  • experience
  • stories
  • communication with clients [Queen, The Script, Justin Timberlake etc.]
  • and getting in the business in the first place

These are things that you will not read in the books and you don’t usually meet photographers of this quality to ask them all that [and why would they wanna share this info with a stranger?]. So in the end, it was a no brainer.

I really enjoyed the seminar, got 8 pages of my notes – advice, stories, his know-how, interesting links – the list goes on. I won’t share it with you, well you should have been there 😀

I’m just saying that if you have the opportunity, go for it next time.

Yes, we have Youtube nowdays, webinars and all sorts of resources but there’s nothing like actually going somewhere, meeting people and asking anything you wanna know and share your experience with other photographers, vice versa.

Peter also surprised us with a huge print he brought with him. It was a result of stereo photography project he worked on, side by side with Brian May. I’m telling you, you’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s a mind blower. Check more info here: Preview – Stereo Photography with Queen

I flew to this seminar from Czech republic which was a surprise to some, but for me it’s normal. If you wanna aim high, you can’t go further if you stay where you are – literally.