6 steps to overcome creative block in video editing

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6 steps to overcome creative block in video editing

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How to overcome a creative blog when editing a video? I will give you some tips from my video production experience I gained being a freelancer.

You get a task to create a really cool, short video from an event and you start searching for the right footage. You put some clips together but in an hour, you find out that your effort goes out of the window. The clips don’t make sense, you didn’t choose the right song and you think like all just sucks. Time is running and you have a deadline, what to do?

I’ve been in this situation few times and I’ve developed a way of overcoming this and maybe you’ll find it helpful too. Here’s how I do it:

Step 1 – Admit it

I have to identify creative block as soon as possible, otherwise I’ll spend hours of basically doing something I’ll throw away later on. I have to stop what I’m doing and go back to basics. You can take a walk for a while and turn off you mind. Or you can meditate if that helps you calm your mind down, but if you’re under tight deadline, you have to get over the creative blog asap. Forget all the procrastination, phone, TV, everything. And focus.

Step 2 – Message

It helps to write down again about what I’m trying to communicate with this video, what do I want to be the main message, why would people wanna watch this video? Who is it for?


I’m creating an invitation for a festival and I’m trying to say that if you go there, you’ll have a great time because it will rock! Main idea is that music connects people and brings you moments you won’t forget. People wanna watch it because it’s short, clear and looks and sounds catchy.

Step 3 – The right song

I gotta find the right music to set the mood for what I decided in the previous step. If I struggle a lot, I think about any song I know that would fit there [I’m not thinking about copyrights, well nobody can sue me for using any song for my video in my head]. And then I try to find the most similar song to that.


Based on the previous step I need something inspirational and fast. I need to consider the mood of the event, I shouldn’t choose a pop song for a heavy metal festival. The song should also be made of some slow and fast beats and should have lows and highs so you can have more freedom with the cut. If you have a song that sounds the same for 2 minutes then it’s kind of boring and it loses the energy. I’m looking for music mostly on Youtube itself in the ‘Create’ panel.

Step 4 – Youtube, my saviour

Before starting going through my footage and edit, I search the Youtube and see as many videos of that kind as I can. I always write what I like about them and what I don’t. Inspite yourself! Soak it in and find that flow!


I search ‘festival promo’ and see everything that I find and looks good at first sight. I write, for instance, that I like transitions, colours and detail shots. And I don’t like music, fonts and shaky shots. Then I look at the real pros and just watch and absorb everything. All those little things help me create the full image in the end.

Step 5 – Edit edit edit

I go through my footage and start looking for similar shots I liked in the videos I watched on Youtube. I put my music on and try to fit it in without an order, I just have to see if it works.

Step 6

Get it done! No excuses, having your music should put you in the mood and get you going to come up with great ideas for your video.

Nicole Venglovicova

I would recommend turn off the phone and get some peace in the office because destractions are not helping at all when you’re in creative block. Hope that helps and have fun! 🙂

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