Freelance Video Producer & Online Tutor in London

Webinars and Online Events Production

Currently, this is my bestseller. Go figure. How it works? There are couple of ways to do it if you need to produce a professional webinar which you want to use over and over again and make money from it while you sleep or an online event as a replacement for your planned event at your company.

  • I can come to your location (London/UK) and film it myself
  • You can record it yourself and I will edit it
  • I can create short trailers/promos from the existing webinars you have

If you want me to film it, you will get:
me coming to your location, professional camera, lights, laptop (to record directly into my laptop to have a back up as well), microphones, good mood, my expertise and guidance.

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Online Courses

Everything which is written above applies to online courses production as well. You can film yourself and I will edit it but I’d recommend that you hire me to be there as I know exactly how a successful course and presenter looks like. I have sold over 5,000 courses on Udemy with the rating of 4.8 out of 5.

The best way to prepare for filming an online course (either yourself or me filming it) is to see my course first: How to talk to the camera like a pro.

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How to talk to the camera like a pro

This is not only an online course on Udemy. This is also an individual 2-hour online or face-to-face training from me to teach you how to talk to the camera and spark your social media and online presence. I always say that people judge your business and products based on how you present them. That first impression is everything and you need to take advantage of it.

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Youtube Management

Youtube management is a monthly business but if you only want help starting it, that’s ok too. I not only manage my clients’ channels but also mine. I do follow latest trends and I’m educated on SEO. It can be challenging to start a Youtube channel as a company and grow it because of all the gamers and pranksters but don’t worry. I will take care of it with no ads required.

  • I will create Youtube strategy for your brand
  • I’ll do keyword research for your products/services
  • Copywriting, thumbnail design, SEO friendly titles
  • Monthly analytics gathered and explained to you

Testimonials and other videos

The best kind of testimonials are video testimonials. Though, they are hard to get but they are most effective. What I do for my clients is to go to their customers and film a testimonial. So my clients don’t have to move a finger, they should only provide the best services so people are willing to say good things about them.

If you want me to film or just edit videos for your social media, Youtube channel, website, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find more details and success stories of my projects in the section Case studies.

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