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Girl with a camera Podcast | Nicole Ven Diaries

I started my podcast on all things freelancing! I share interesting stories on my beginnings, dealing with clients, funny fails, mistakes and success. Also tips and tricks that will get you more clients, build your brand and establish your business wherever you are!

Thank you for listening and stay safe!

The Episode 1: First corporate video – big fail

In this episode I talk about my first corporate project back in 2013 when I was working for a start-up video agency. It was a huge fail I have to say and everything went wrong. How it all happened and why? Learn from my mistakes, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Episode 2: How to get money from clients that don’t want to pay

Every freelancer experiences the situation where their client doesn’t want to pay or wants to delay the payment. I share my tips and tricks for getting the client to pay. It did work in my case, it will work for you too.

Episode 3: Hiring a videographer

In this episode I’m talking about hiring new colleagues to your team. When I was employed back in 2014, I was supposed to hire a new videographer into our team and I went through a lot of interesting people. In a good way and in a bad way.

Episode 4 – Staying Authentic

In this episode of my podcast I talk about staying authentic while promoting your brand online. Creating a persona may help you with getting some attention but for a long-term success you need to stay true to yourself and your audience. Only this way you can gain trust and grow your business.

Episode 5: How to sell and not be pushy?

How to sell and not be pushy? Are you also tired of all those emails and pitches coming to your inbox from someone who you have never met or met once? I’m also talking about my mistakes when I started freelancing and I needed to go for the hard sell but in the end it only pushed people away from me. So how to do it right? Listen to my podcast.

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