Why I love Twitter?

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Why I love Twitter?


Why many people don’t stay on Twitter after they’ve created their profile? Because it’s not easy to get followers and interactions. I’ve done an experiment and I added total strangers as my friends on Facebook. Around 90% of them accepted my request. I was thinking what the f****? It’s so easy to get friends on Facebook.

On Twitter it’s different. You don’t get followers just like that. People don’t just give you a follow. Unless you’re a rockstar or whatever. You have to create a name for yourself first, you have to think about what you wanna tweet about. You really have to forget about celebrities’ accounts because they can post a real boring stuff and get thousands of likes. It ain’t gonna happen to you. Try to post only some real quality content in the beginning.


Let Twitter know who you are, not what you had for dinner

On Twitter you should really distinguish yourself. Decide what you wanna tweet about and how you want to present yourself. Do you like playing the guitar? Are you a designer? A photographer? A fan of a sports team?
Focus on this and build a community based on these interests. First 300 followers are hardest to get but it’s easier if you’re approaching a certain community.

Let see the example:
If you’re a photographer, start tweeting your best pictures, RT some interesting articles and follow some photographers who seem to follow back. If you follow profiles with 1M followers and 45 following, you won’t get a follow back. It will go slowly at first but just keep tweeting your best stuff and follow people and soon you’ll have more followers. Twitter is like a pet, you have to take care of it. Not tweeting for 4+ days is a sign that your account is not very active and that can also be reason why people won’t follow you back.

Here’s my analytics of my followers’ interests. I can see that I’m reaching my goal because my target audience is videographers and photographers:


Don’t use automated DMs. You can check out an article I wrote on this topic here.


You’re doing all that and it still doesn’t work?

Been there, done that. You really have to think about how your profile looks like to others. Is it cool enough to get a follow back? Do I post, RT things that other people saw a hundred times before? Do I tweet enough or not enough?

Write a good bio with info about who you are. It might be the only thing that people see when they decide whether to follow you or not. You can use hashtags and also tag some profiles. A good example of a good bio is from @theEllenShow

Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

But remember, you’re not a celebrity. Not yet. Tell more about yourself. My bio looks like this:
Professional #videographer and aspiring creative director. #Photography lover also interested in million other things like#socialMedia #digitalMarketing

Here’s analytics of my most successful month this year. Analytics are great to help you understand what content is really interesting to your followers. Sometimes I think to myself that this picture is amazing and I’ll get many interactions on it. Result is around 6. Then I post a pic – for me not a big deal – and this pic goes crazy.

Why is Twitter amazing?

Here are few reasons: you can talk to your idols/rolemodels/favourite actors, you can get in touch with them, you are informed very quickly about everything, did I mention you can talk to anybody you want?

I know it sounds easy but it’s not unless you know how to play the game. If you like a sports team, a tennis player, musician, band. Tweet them, tag them, get a follow from them. And then talk to them!
It’s one of the coolest things when you’re on your way to work/school and all of a sudden you get a message from a band you like. You never had a chance to meet them yet but you can already talk to them, thanks to Twitter.

It might sound too fantasy but these things happen very often. Maybe more often than you think. Well, if you’re a Justin Bieber fan, I don’t know if he gives any interaction on Twitter. What do you mean?


I only use hashtags which are trending, otherwise it doesn’t work for me. Think twice before deciding that your tweet should look like this: #food #nature #beauty #photography #awesome #imagine #cool #blue #sky #amazing


Good for Business

Thanks to Twitter I got in touch with first class photographers and they DM me about possible collaborations etc. Many artists usually get in touch on Twitter first. My work is also shared a lot and I can tag companies or artists I wanna work with. They might notice it and get in touch with me.

When I did an interview with Kodaline for example, I approached them on Twitter entirely. It couldn’t happen over any other social network. I have many stories of what people I talked to, some are BIG names but I don’t wanna mention them because it was a private conversation. That is unwritten rule of Twitter DM’s. Don’t share them. If you want another one.


If you follow 2000 people and you only have 120 followers, it looks like you’re some kind of spam. You don’t look trustworthy. Try to balance followers and following as much as you can. Never buy followers. It’s useless. Firstly, your account will look like a scam if people look into your followers. They will recognize that those accounts are fake. Secondly, you won’t get interactions from them. There’s nothing worse than having 10K followers and zero likes on every tweet.

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