Tips on making a killer business card

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Tips on making a killer business card

While filming at least one conference per week, I meet a lot of people from different companies. In most cases it’s the same old story, their business cards are boring. They’re nothing special, white and again boring. They could just hand me a piece of paper with their number written and it wouldn’t look much worse. 

When I was designing my first business card, it took me hours and I still thought it’s boring and crap. Few months ago I finally realized that my business card should reflect what I do or wanna do and how cool I think it is. I wanna be a concert director and I wanna have my VIP tag hanging on my neck and be like a boss going anywhere on the venue. And that’s all I needed to design my business card.

Design perspective

Think about the colour scheme. White looks great but why go with the obvious? Go and get some idea on colour meanings and think about what colour represents you or your business. I chose black and red as my primal colours. Why? I shoot videos, what colour is the old school film? Black and white. Video cameras? Black. And why I picked red? Well it’s about the contrast mostly but also red is passion and it catches your attention. The circles on my business card are different colour which I used to make it a little bit cheerful and not so dark.

One last cliche tip – Make it simple but not simplier.