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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website | 3 Tips

How do I increase traffic to my website? That is the question everybody asks if they already have a website. I’m going to tell you some tips to increase your traffic and ultimately get more inquiries and clients.

Great website but no traffic?

You have a website and it looks great and it’s ready for visitors, but you have no visitors. What to do? Let’s break it down step by step. You made this website yourself or you hired someone to do it and it looks pretty good, user friendly, mobile friendly, functioning and some of you might even say it has amazing design. So why no visitors?

People don’t just find you and go to your website. Your website is competing with a billion other websites on the Internet.

How people find you? And how right people find you?

You don’t want just anybody to visit your website, you want someone who will become your client/customer.

Tip 1 – get traffic from social media

Your social media profiles will get you a significant amount of visitors, unless your profiles are dead as much as your website. If you have strong profiles with some likes, people, or followers, then of course it won’t help you much to drive traffic to your website. However, if you built your social media to some extent, then promote your website on it and get traffic. Great way to do it is to write blogs and then publish them all over the place and make people go visit. Create a Youtube channel and put the link to your website in the description of every video.

Tip 2 – SEO

Let people find you on Google. Who’s on Google is not online. If you get your SEO right, then your website is more likely to show for many keywords and everything related to your brand. There are so many important things that you’re missing and you’re not even aware of it. If your website ranks for certain keywords or even your name, you will no longer be in need of traffic. Or clients. When people want to buy something, they go to Google of course. If you need business cards, backpack, phone, shoes, laptop, anything – you Google. And when you need any information, you simply Google it.

Tip 3 – Blog

Create a Blog page on your website and start writing. You don’t like writing? Well, some things you need to do if you want to be successful and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. If you have spare money, pay someone to write blogs for you but make sure it’s in your voice. Pick a niche and go with it. Don’t write about everything and nothing. Keep it relevant, so if you’re a videographer like me, write about your videos, video production experience, client cases, photography skills, new trends, movie reviews and so on.

I’m not only a videographer but I’m trying to become a digital guru, that’s why I’m writing about a lot of stuff but I still keep it relevant so it’s all about digital marketing and being online and building your brand online. I write about SEO, videography, photography, freelancing, entrepreneurship, equipment, creative tips and so on.

How often should I write a blog to increase my traffic?

The more you write, the more recognition you will get. Just imagine how huge is Internet. You need to feed it daily with huge amount of information, products and your videos and photos and blogs in order to get something back, get noticed by anyone. The more you do it, the more people will see it. As well as Google, which will start to relate your blogs with your name and brand and you will start creating authority for yourself. The more authority you have, the more push up you will get from Google because it knows that you bring value to visitors who are looking for certain information or entertainment.

How long should my blogs be to increase the view count?

The longer, the better. Anybody can write short article, it’s easy. But you should really aim to write at least a 1000-word blog with photos and videos, with a lot of links to other relevant blogs will give a lot of love to Google. It shows you really took time to do it, and it will show you really know what you’re talking about – once Google analyzes your content and all the links.

A good example is a music video. What music videos are the most remembered and most viewed? Either the longest ones or the most expensive ones. I’m not talking about viral videos but I’m talking about long term success worldwide for many years. Why do you think Lady Ga Ga makes 8-minute long videos with full story which is like a short movie.

So many different locations, costumes, cameras… You have no idea how expensive this stuff is. Or if you’re a videographer, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Do you think Maroon 5 or Madonna need those long and expensive videos? If you make 3 minute short videos just them playing the guitar, would it be a success? Yes of course! So why they still pay thousands – hundred thousands pounds for making a long music video? Think about it.

It’s not always about doing it good. If you want to be a leader in your field, any field, you need to overdo it. You need to kill it, you need to be 10 steps ahead of everybody. For older generation, how about Michael Jackson making 13-minute long videos in the 80’s!? At that time that was absolutely unheard of and way beyond expensive. And that’s exactly why he did it. Of course I have to mention Queen which actually started this trend back in the 70’s with a music video for Bohemian Rhapsody.

I want to mention another advantage and reason for writing a blog. When you learn something or create something and you write about it at the same time, you’re learning it much quicker. It gets into your brain and you actually remember it more effectively and easier.

You can find more tips on this topic in my online course How to start your personal blog and make it successful.

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