How to have a successful business? (Podcast)

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How to have a successful business? (Podcast)


I did a podcast with an entrepreneur and CEO of digital marketing agency ClickDo and UK web hosting company SeekaHost on the topic of how to have and run a successful business. Fernando Raymond runs multiple businesses across UK and I have some questions to be asked and asnwered!

Is there a secret to having a successful business?

First of all I asked about the failures, or mistakes in the process of actually starting a company. A lot of businesses fail after few months or a year. How come that wasn’t Fernando’s case?

Maybe a lot of people are telling you not to start a business because you will fail, nobody will buy your products or you won’t get many clients. This podcast will tell you a good story of how it’s possible if you just don’t give up. Also read an interesting article from Silver agency on how Some agencies set themselves up to fail.

How videos help grow your business?

I’m a freelance videographer helping businesses create videos that tell their business story, so my main interest was to hear about how videos help Fernando not only to rank #1 on Google for SEO consultant London, but also grow his business. We both agreed on the fact that every business owner should start making videos, creating their YouTube channel and put their face out there. In other words – promoting their brand and business with videos.

I’d recommend you also see my article on How to build your brand online, to help you with some tips and ideas for a business promotion.

Listen to this podcast and it will uncover you all the secrets to running a profitable business.

How to start making videos for your business?

After listening this podcast you just motivated to start making videos, I know. The best way to get you started is my online course on Udemy which will teach you How to talk to the camera like a pro. After going through this 1-hour course, get in touch with me and I’ll give you more feedback and direction to go.

If you also consider a professional photography services or amazing videos, get in touch with me now and let’s get it started.

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