How To Get The Best Audio For Your Videos? Top Hacks And Tricks!

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How To Get The Best Audio For Your Videos? Top Hacks And Tricks!


In my almost a decade long video production career, I came across all kinds of audio problems and trouble and in this article I’m going to solution to the best audio possible for you videos.

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The biggest audio myth

First of all I have to say that you have to forget the star-trek avengers effects which you think are created like special visual effects. Audio is a comeplete different story. You can’t use green screen and replace or recreate it. When it comes to visuals, you can do wonders. You can fly, you can shoot webs, blow your cars and house to the sky but audio is different. Even in Hollywood production, there are endless audio technicians who take care of recording the audio in the right way. Using handheld microphones, listening to every single sound in their headphones. Every audio technician is listening everyting during filming and if they can hear an airplane or strong background noise, they notify the director and stop the shooting. This is the reality of recording audio.

How to edit bad audio recording?

It’s much more diffcult to replace or fix and repair audio in the post production and the more important thing is that it puts the quality down so much that no director will want to do that in the first place. That’s why everyone is making sure everything is recorded properly on the set.

You have to do the same thing.

How to clear and fix background noise?

There’s no way you can do that without losing a big amount of quality. Yes you can find so many tutorials on YouTube and information about on Google but it’s from people who are not sound technicians. A real professional will refuse to touch the video if the sound is crap. Including me. Let’s take an example of you filming yourself in a very strong wind without an external microphone. You can barely hear your voice in the recording, so it only makes sense that when I reduce the wind noise, I will also reduce your voice. The audio recording is made of audio waves, if you have a strong wind, it will create a peak of the audio waveform. Your voice is a weaker form of audiowave because it’s overpowered by the wind. As a sound technician, I can’t make wind weaker and your voice stronger. It is possible but the recording will be very low quality in the end and as a professional, I don’t want to put out those kind of videos.

How to make sure to get the best audio when filming?

The most important thing when filming videos with sound, for example vlogs, interviews or presentations, is the external microphone. You can use very expensive or very cheap. Sometimes the price is not the difference between high quality and low quality. It’s more about where you want to use it and what functions you need. If you buy wireless microphone because you have a singer on stage who is moving from side to side like crazy, it’s probably a good idea to go wireless. However, there is the whole science of signal travelling through the air which collides with the phones, walkie-talkies, even your cameras and electricity. If you imagine a big concert, imagine all the cables not on the ground but above your head and multiply it by 10 because those are another signals from wireless devices. It’s a hard work to set this up so you don’t get signal collision and interference.


Are cheap microphones good?

Of course why would you need such a wireless microphone for your office, podcast or vlogs recordings? It’s no point. You can buy a wired microphone for £20 and plug it into your phone or camera and you will get exactly the same quality. But it’s not very practical because it has a small jack, you can’t plug it into a professional video camera, it has a short cable so you can’t move around but the quality is great.

What if I’m in a quiet room, do I still need an external microphone?

Yes, it’s always better if you use external microphone because every room based on height has a small echo and the sound goes up to the ceiling and comes back. The camera catches that movement and the sound is not perfect. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t use the microphone in this situation but if you make all your videos with microphone, why not always use it? People will see you have some equipment and you really care about making high quality videos.

How to record audio with screen recording software?

You can use the same wired microphone, record it into your phone and then edit it, or have someone edit it for you and match it with the video. If you make online tutorials and you’re recording your screen with a software, I’m using Loom, it will use your laptop’s microphone which is absolutely the worst thing possible. Laptops’ microphones are the worst, don’t ever use it. The viewers of your videos will be so  annoyed by the audio recording, they will give you very bad reviews even if you have a great content.