How to get more connections on LinkedIn?

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How to get more connections on LinkedIn?


I recently discovered a very obvious but at the same time very hidden LinkedIn feature which basically prevents you from gaining new connections. Continue reading this article for more information.

Everything is about privacy these days but having a LinkedIn profile is not like being on Facebook. LinkedIn is a professional network especially made for people who want to find a job. So that’s why I’m wondering why LinkedIn default settings hide your full profile in front of everyone and they don’t even let you know that.


Is this the worst LinkedIn feature?

We all want as many connections as we can get. Connecting with new business partners, potential customers, potential job seekers and so on. But how can we do it, when nobody can see our profile information and especially a photo?

Last year I discovered after, I don’t know how long, that my profile is set to be visible fully only to my connections. What is the point of that? I want to have it public so I can actually get new connections. I realized people can’t even see my profile photo or basic information. Why should they add me then? And how am I supposed to build my brand online?


How to change your settings to public on LinkedIn?

I changed my privacy settings to public and finally everyone can see everything on my profile. I really have no idea for how long I had it hidden from people but I know for sure that it prevented me getting new connections and maybe even get a job.

Check your LinkedIn settings now

One of my clients experienced the same thing and that’s why I decided to write this article. I wanted to add him on LinkedIn but I couldn’t find him. So when we met I told him I can’t find him at all. I searched for his name in front of him and he saw his profile and said this is me! I guess.

No photo? What? Why?

I didn’t even see his profile because the photo was missing and mostly our brains are ignoring the profiles without photos subconsciously. He couldn’t believe that people can’t see his profile photo. He was upset thinking how many connections he lost during this time? Was his photo not there for years?


I hope you’re not in the same situation but it’s always good to check. Go to your settings and see for yourself. It might seem like a small thing but would you add someone without a profile photo? The last tip is reading this article for best LinkedIn hacks for 2019 which will help you get everything right on your LinkedIn profile.

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