How to get clients as a freelance videographer?

Freelance Videographer in London

How to get clients as a freelance videographer?


How to get clients as a freelance videographer? Do you struggle with getting new clients or any clients in your freelancing career? Maybe you’re starting out and you don’t have many contacts and opportunities. I’m going to tell you in this article some tips and tricks to get you started with your videography career.

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How to get clients when you just start out?

Let me tell you my story first. I moved to London to become a freelancer. I was employed before but that was in Czech republic. So I had absolutely no network in London, except for a few people that I built the connection with over the Internet. I thought that was a good start but I was very very wrong. Of course you can create good network online but it works only when you actually have awesome portfolio and have some kind of brand established. In other words – authority.

I had my website and portfolio but I wasn’t working on it that much. If you’re employed, you know that you put all your time into your job and not building your brand. I was working 12 hours a day more or less and I put all my ideas and creative input into my job. Why? Because I was a head of video production and it was my job so why not? When you become a freelancer, you put all your energy and creative input into your business. But when you’re employed, it’s different.

Build your brand online

So what was I missing? I didn’t put any effort into building my brand, which was a mistake number 1. I kind of knew it so I put some money together before I quit my job just to have all the time to build my brand online. I quit my job and moved to London and I was working on my brand month by month. Yes, that’s what it takes. And more. After a while I thought I was ready to actually start creating my network in London.

How to create a network and business connections?

Firstly I reached out to my online London contacts which I built back in Czech republic. However, it didn’t work out for me as I expected to. Maybe it was because I didn’t keep regular touch with those contacts or maybe because it’s easier for them when I’m miles away. Sometimes you come across people that just want your free advice and help but they don’t give you anything back. Especially online. But that doesn’t mean you should not help anyone because in many cases, those people can become your clients. But of course in some cases, it will turn out to be a waste of time.


So how you actually build a network in the city you are in? How about networking events? That is a chapter itself. I tried that too and I can tell you it’s 90% a waste of time. From 10% you might get a client but it’s very rare. I attended so many business networking events in London and I can tell you one thing. Usually successful people who actually have their business established, don’t go to these events, because they don’t have time for it. So the bottom line is that you only meet bored and in many cases unemployed people. I don’t want to generalize of course but there were always three types of people I met there – unemployed, employed but one day they want to start a business and people who only want to sell you something and they don’t want anything from you. After attending countless events, my ROI was ground zero.


Behave like a job seeker

So how else do it if not networking events? Well, build your brand online and of course meet some people offline as well. But not through networking events but mostly with job postings. Yes a job posting. A company that is in need of your services is looking for a part-time or intern or even full time videographer. I know you don’t want any of that but listen very closely. You can reply to this job posting stating you’re a freelancer and you can do so much for this company and it might be even better for them to start out before they decide if they really need someone working full time. They might definitely give you a shot and then what happens is that they might just want to continue working with you.

This is exactly how I got in touch with Fernando Raymond and his company ClickDo Ltd. and it worked out. He introduced me to his clients that wanted video and here I was building my network and getting clients. After this you get referrals, testimonials and then you can find more clients online. As I just mentioned, don’t forget to get video testimonials from your clients and also written ones. It’s very important when promoting yourself and your business and it builds a trust immediately, which will get you new clients much easier. And don’t think like you bother them with this, they will be happy to do it, because they want to help you grow your business too, because you helped them. Plus, it’s a great advertising for them because you will promote it everywhere with their name and website.

Is Facebook a good platform for getting clients?

Yes and no. There are a lot of weirdos on Facebook and a lot of people that are not serious about anything and they just want to talk to you or sleep with you. So they will write you they want videos and they don’t cut to the chase but they keep chatting and wasting your time. Cut those people off immediately.

How to spot real clients from time wasters?

Tell them immediately to jump on the call with you so you can talk about everything. Tell them you will need advanced payment. A lot of people don’t want this call to happen because then it means they make some kind of a commitment and if they don’t want the video, then they don’t want a phone call or pay 50% in advance. So if they tell you some excuse, cut them off and forget them. Your time is precious. Spend your time with people who really need and want your services. Those people will immediately write you a long message describing what they want. Have a read of this article on How to spot a real client.

There are so many people needing your services and they always post it on Facebook. Become part of FB groups and either post your ad or comment or every job ad you see. You might not get it immediately but people will notice you. Always leave a link for your website in the comment and say you want to hear more about the project. Also be aware that many projects will not be paid and you will find out only when people message you. And also be aware that some jobs will be very low budget, especially some Youtubers who want their videos edited for £10 or £20 per video. But keep in mind that you will come across people who have money and they want to spend it and Facebook is a good place to advertise, so keep your head up and eyes opened for those opportunities.

Can I get clients from other social media?

Yes of course, however I say Facebook is the number one priority for this. But you can also get clients from YouTube, if they come across your videos, or Twitter if you build a good network. LinkedIn sure why not? Keep posting daily and your chances will go up.

How to get inquiries from Google?

The best place to get clients is Google. Although you need to rank your website first for certain keywords and then you’re able to get inquiries daily. So this is a bit long term game if you’re on a budget. You can learn how to rank organically by yourself or you can hire SEO agency but prepare yourself for a higher price, but quicker results.

If you want to rank organically and learn SEO by yourself, you can buy this online course created by number one SEO consultant in the UK. That’s how I learnt but it’s still a long way. Or you can hire his agency ClickDo to rank you number one in few months.

Keep making videos

And the last tip is to make videos for yourself and share it online. Try new things and some cool topics or tricks to get people’s attention. People see it and they might think to themselves ‘I want this kind of video too’. This works amazingly well if you really create eye-catching videos, you might spark a need in people that they didn’t even know they had.

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