Exporting in Premiere Pro can be tricky as there are many presets to choose from. What is the most important attribute or value to look for in terms of quality and online friendly export?

How to export a video in Premiere pro?

Go to menu file and then Export > Media. Or hit CMD+M or CTRL+M on Windows. The main presets displayed are deciding on the quality and resolution of your video. If you export to Full HD, go for High Quality 1080p. For 4K, choose 4K preset.


But what is the difference between the presets except for the resolution?

It’s a bitrate – the amount of data processed in the video per 1 second. It will affect videos with a lot of movement as the movement will not have much details and it will look very choppy and blurry. However, this is the best way to scale down the size of the video if you need to upload it to webinar streaming platform, for example.

How to change the bitrate of the video to scale it down?

Open the tab Video and click on More.


Scroll down all the way and see the Video bitrate settings. Every social media has their own recommended bitrate but the general guideline is Facebook and Instagram require maximum of 10 Mbps. Anything over that will be downconverted, meaning that your video quality will be scaled down either way. Youtube recommends 10 – 15 Mbps for Full HD video and 35 – 45 Mbps for 4K video. Also depending on the frame rate, the higher the frame rate – the higher the bitrate should be.


How to export vertical video?

All the settings apply for vertical video like reels or TikToks but you need to make sure your resolution is set to 1080×1920.


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