You don’t necessarily need to know how to edit video to create really good looking Instagram reels. There is a trick you can do with any smartphone and it will take you very short amount of time to create a really cool video! You just need to change the frame rate in your settings.

What is a frame rate?

Frame rate is how many images your camera takes per 1 second. The standard for social media is 30 fps. You will see it when you open camera app. You can switch between 30 fps and 60 fps. The difference is how the motion blur will appear. With 60 fps everything will look sharper, so it’s great for action and sports. However, 30 fps will look more natural and slightly cinematic.

How To Avoid Shaky Footage Without Any Equipment?

Slow-motion is higher frame rate and it’s best for filming something without sound. We can have 120 fps and 240 fps. We take so many images per second that the movement needs to be quick to avoid shaky footage.


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