Speech to text is a groundbreaking feature in Premiere Pro allowing us to create a transcriptions of our videos in seconds. Followed by creating timed captions which are quite accurate. First, we need to make sure we are on Captions workspace or at least have Text panel and Essential graphics panel opened. Go to Window > Text.


Then click on Transcribe sequence in the text panel.


In this dialog, you can leave it as default.


Once you have a transcription, when you click on 3 dots in the top right side of the screen, you can download your transcription as .txt file and use it for your blog, for example.


It will take seconds or minutes to create a transcription, depending on the length of the video.

You can double-click on transcription and change any mistakes or wrong words. Once the transcription is up to your standard, you can click on Create captions icon.


You can leave this dialog as default, then you click Create and you will see the captions being timed on your timeline in its own dedicated captions track.


If you want to change font, size, colour and placement, you need to highlight all the captions in the timeline and then go to Essential Graphics panel to change the attributes.


If you want to create captions specifically for social media in the vertical format, then watch this video tutorial.



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