Adobe finally introduced a vertical workspace and vertical workflow in Premiere Pro. When editing Instagram reels or Tiktoks, it was not ideal to see the vertical sequence 9:16 in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. This all changed with the June 2022 update introducing Vertical workspace which allows you to edit and see the video vertically in its full beauty.

How to create a vertical sequence preset for Instagram reels?

Go to the main menu File > New > Sequence or a shortcut CMD + N or on Windows it’s CTRL + N. You will see a dialog box with a lot of different presets already made by Premiere Pro. There is no vertical social media preset so we need to create it.


Click on Settings right next to Sequence Presets.


What you need to do is to change resolution to 1080×1920 pixels and your aspect ratio needs to be 9:16. Make sure in the Pixel aspect ratio you select Square pixels (1.0). Fields should be progressive scan as this is not intended for television.

Look at the bottom of the dialog and name your sequence, then click on Save preset option.


This preset will appear among all the other Premiere Pro presets next time you click on Create new.

How to enable vertical workspace in Premiere Pro?

Now we need to start working in vertical workspace to make the editing workflow the best it can be. Go to main menu and click on Window > Workspaces > Vertical.


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